Younity Adds Peer-to-peer File Sharing

by Bill Brady
December 13, 2013
Younity has announced today an added feature that will blow your mind. The ephemeral file sharing addition means that you can privately share files to all of your friends and steam on all of your devices.
 The personal, peer-to-peer file-sharing service adds new layer of functionality with a social Friends List and the ability to unshare your files at any time. younity (, the “personal cloud” service that enables people to access all their files from all their devices all the 
time without planning ahead or syncing, today introduced a new social sharing feature to their media streaming application: Ephemeral File Sharing.
Currently in beta, the new feature allows users to create a Friends List within younity and privately share music, movies/videos, photos and documents with friends, while knowing that shares will expire or can be un-shared anytime. Uniquely, younity’s sharing feature allows users to share files that are stored on remote devices they don’t have immediate access to.
“Our user’s have always loved being able to access all their files and media libraries they have without planning ahead,” says CEO and co-founder Erik Caso. “Recently they started asking us for the ability to spontaneously share any file they have more easily with their closest friends, but wanted control to unshared the file or know it would expire quickly. younity’s new Friends List makes this incredibly easy, totally private, and absolutely secure - we never store your files or shares online.”
Have multiple devices? Younity enables users to unify and access all their files and media libraries, like iTunes playlists, from their iPhone or iPad. Files are streamed by default or can be downloaded; they can also be opened in other applications (for editing), as well as emailed or 
securely shared. Shared files will automatically expire or can un-shared at any time, the recipient of a shared file cannot download, edit, or re-share a shared file.Furthering their mission to protect user privacy by making content disappear after a defined period, Caso added that “younity offers a great alternative to the public cloud - we never store nor have access to user files or file metadata. With younity, you don’t get access to only a few files you put somewhere, you get access to every file you have on all your devices, regardless how much storage your mobile device has. The need to share sensitive files easily and readily shouldn’t be inhibited by services that maintain and track your digital artifacts.”
Download Younity on iOS and install on desktop: management or storage limits — it’s simple to use and free for any amount of data. information, please visit

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