Here's what the 10 companies in Techstars' Boulder 2015 class actually do

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Published on Jun. 18, 2015
Here's what the 10 companies in Techstars' Boulder 2015 class actually do

Techstars officially announced the 10 companies that have been selected to take part in their 2015 Boulder class. The companies in this year’s class are incredibly varied — they do everything from create wearable safety devices to analyze digital marketing data to help brides find wedding dresses. This year’s Demo Day, which will be held on September 9th, is sure to an interesting one. 

Without further ado, here is what the 10 companies in this year’s Techstars 2015 Boulder class actually do:



This company makes a mobile app that gives users a complete view of all of their digital marketing data.



Blazing DB

This company is building what it says will be the world’s fastest database engine utilizing the power of graphics cards.



Borrowing Magnolia

This company is trying to bring the sharing economy to the wedding industry by letting brides rent or resell their wedding dresses.




This company wants to turn every kid in the world into a composer by making music learning apps fun.




This company is creating a platform that makes it easy to buy ads in college newspapers.




This company makes a database where collectors and hobbyists can manage and monetize their collections.




This company analyzes the behavior of client’s customers to find out what’s driving engagement.




This company makes small, personal safety devices that call your friends or family when you’re in trouble.




This company makes a power meter for runners.




This real estate company replaces commissions with a flat fee.


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