Denver tech center jobs: 8 awesome tech companies hiring now

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Sep. 07, 2018
Denver tech center jobs: 8 awesome tech companies hiring now
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Denver Tech Center is a business and tech hub located southeast of downtown Denver. Because of the high volume of tech companies and startups located in DTC, there are also an influx of job opportunities. Check out what the following companies do and what talent they're looking for in Denver Tech Center. 


pax8 denver tech center jobs

Industry: Cloud and Software

What they do: Pax8 is a cloud distribution service, simplifying the processes of cloud buying and streamlining operations while lowering the costs of customer acquisition.


payfone denver tech center jobs

Industry: Mobile

What they do: Payfone’s security solutions are utilized by leading banks, brokerages, insurers and tech companies for mobile and digital identity authentication.


xero denver tech center jobs

Industry: Cloud and software

What they do: Xero provides SaaS accounting solutions for small businesses within industries like construction, retail, agriculture, realty and more.


csg denver tech center jobs

Industry: Internet of Things

What they do: CSG provides support solutions to help companies optimize their businesses, make faster data-driven decisions and deliver better customer experiences.


dhi group denver tech center jobs
dhi group

Industry: Professional Services

What they do: DHI Group offers hiring and other specialized services for a variety of industries and professions in technology, finance, security clearance and energy.  


finfolio denver tech center jobs

Industry: Fintech

What they do: FinFolio provides tools and solutions that simplify portfolio management for wealth managers and investment advisors.


playerlync denver tech center jobs

Industry: Software

What they do: PlayerLync makes learning software for operational teams, enabling them to improve performance, digitize processes, enhance communication and make information more accessible.


realvolve denver tech center jobs

Industry: Real Estate

What they do: Realvolve is a customer relation management solution that provides tools like contact information organization, calendar management and transaction records for real estate agents and brokers globally.  


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