Denver job market among best in country for women

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Published on Jun. 11, 2015
Denver job market among best in country for women


In the vast majority of large cities in the United States the unemployment rate for women exceeds that of men. In fact, that holds true for a whopping 85% of metro areas in the country. Only 7 cities have lower unemployment rates for women than for men. As for Denver, we’re dead even.

A new study by Headlight, a workforce development website based in Austin, found that Denver was among the most equal metro areas in the country when it comes to unemployment rates among men and women. The study found that the rate of unemployed men and women here is just about exactly equal. That is a distinction we only share with San Jose, California and Memphis, Tennessee.

Only 7 large cities out of the 52 sampled had lower unemployment rates for women. Meanwhile, Las Vegas, Cleveland and San Diego led the other 42 metro areas with disparities as large as 2.4 percent.  

The study also looked at which metro areas were improving their job markets for women. Rust Belt cities like Detroit and Milwaukee topped the ‘most improved’ list. San Francisco, meanwhile, took the unenviable position as the ‘least improved.’ San Francisco actually saw their gender unemployment gap grow by 1.3 percent between 2009 and 2013. 

So, there you have it. One more reason Denver is awesome. 


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