BiggerPockets Celebrates 10 Years as the Leading Real Estate Investing Network

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Published on Oct. 31, 2014
BiggerPockets Celebrates 10 Years as the Leading Real Estate Investing Network

10 Years of BiggerPockets

It was the fall of 2004, and I was struggling to find answers to the countless questions that were holding me back in my personal real estate investments. I launched BiggerPockets to help me find those answers, and ten years later today, we’re helping tens of millions of investors around the globe to not only find answers to their own questions, but also to network, to find partners, deals and opportunities, and to find the best tools and resources available to assist them with their dealmaking, projects, and property management.


The Original BiggerPockets Homepage


Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen tens of millions of unique visitors, 215,000+ members who have posted well over a million forum posts, and tens of thousands of blog posts, resulting in well above 100 million page views to the site. Our amazing members have organically created dozens of local investor get-togethers around the country and globe — our Seoul, Korea group boasts almost 20 members, and some of these gatherings have brought close to 200 people together in one sitting.

Off-site, we’ve had over 3 million downloads of our top-ranked Podcast and have sold over 20,000 copies of our best selling books (3 of them).



Our small team of 9 full-time staffers are assisted by a dozen amazing moderators, 30 regular bloggers (close to 200 over our blog’s history) and an army of members who do their part to assist in keeping the site free of spam and other nonsense.

We’ve always marched to a different tune at BiggerPockets, challenging the status quo and forging forward in an environment where investors have often been persona non grata. Despite the challenges, we’ve remained steadfast in our message and in our mission to help people to find financial success through real estate investing, regardless of background or of the content of their wallets.

This dedication to our members remains our number one priority as we move forward. We owe our success to those of you who have believed in us and who have bought into the belief that if we work as a community to help one another out, we too will find our own prosperity.

I’m honored that BiggerPockets has played a positive role in the financial lives of so many people, and I’m excited by the prospect of doing so for countless others as we forge forward with the next stages of our company’s growth.

Here’s to BiggerPockets for all!

– Josh Dorkin, Founder

Josh Dorkin


NOTE: Click Here to check out some photos from the 10 Year BiggerPockets Celebration.

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