A Big Year for Boulder-based SolidFire

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Published on Oct. 31, 2013
A Big Year for Boulder-based SolidFire

SolidFire, based in Boulder on Pearl Street, has had a big year. The company raised $31 Million in venture capital back in July and now has announced the formation of the Cloud Builders Channel Partner Program. The Cloud Builders Program is a critical component of SolidFire's go-to-market strategy as the company scales to meet the demand for its scale-out block storage platform.

The Cloud Builders Program invests in the success of systems integrator and reseller partners who are tackling their customers' most strategic storage and cloud infrastructure projects. With expertise across key technology ecosystems including VMware, OpenStack and CloudStack, these partners specialize in the plan, build, implement and manage phases of these next-generation infrastructure initiatives.

"Our business is focused on delivering customers best-in-class solutions for large scale IT infrastructure," said David Cantu, Co-Founder & COO, Redapt. "Storage is always a major pain-point for these customers. Traditional storage simply wasn't designed to accommodate the performance, capacity and scale demands of these mission critical environments. We feel that SolidFire was architected for these environments from the start. The scale, density, automation and QoS functionality delivered out of the box is what sets SolidFire apart from any other storage system on the market."

"Due to the relative complexity of cloud design, enterprise customers are increasingly looking to trusted advisors to help them assemble the proper technology building blocks for their next generation infrastructure," said Dave Cahill, Director of Strategic Alliances, SolidFire. "Our Cloud Builder Program is targeting a select group of partners with proven expertise in the areas of storage, virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Leveraging SolidFire's innovative all-flash architecture, these partners now have a solution to address the performance, scale and management challenges inherent to legacy storage systems."

"The success of VMware infrastructure deployments is often determined by the underlying storage platform. The problems created by storage only get further magnified when you are talking about any sort of scale," said Tim Myers, Principal Integration Architect, Cloud2Spec. "SolidFire has built a more dynamic, flexible and scalable storage system for customers' virtual infrastructure. By removing the storage complexity and challenges, virtual infrastructure deployments are dramatically simplified."

"Our customers are increasingly seeking out distributed storage platforms for their OpenStack infrastructure," said Ken Pepple, CTO, Solinea. "For those looking for consistent performance, scale and high availability there are few, if any, other options that can match the SolidFire feature set. Combining this functionality with their deep Cinder integration, and SolidFire stands on its own for customers evaluating block storage options for their cloud infrastructure."

"Balancing the many demands of block storage has historically been an unsolved problem in the CloudStack ecosystem. In the past we have struggled to find a storage solution with the right blend of performance and ease of use to support customer production workloads cost effectively," said Ian Rae, CEO, CloudOps. "SolidFire's architecture solves this imbalance completely, and integration of their QoS functionality into CloudStack ensures customers have native access to this functionality."


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