Behind the growth of 3 thriving Colorado adtech companies

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Published on May. 29, 2014
Behind the growth of 3 thriving Colorado adtech companies


Three Colorado adtech companies took home Red Herring awards last week for being one of North America’s 100 most innovative companies. This is significant news not just for the adtech industry, but for Colorado tech: these three companies are among the fastest-growing locally. Here’s a look at how they are driving growth:




What they do: SpotXchange is a video advertising platform that helps users maximize their digital video advertising, buying and selling experience.

Headquarters: Westminster

Their team: Over 150 employees globally with plans to hire another 100 this year

Their growth: Revenue increased 145 percent YoYin Q1. In just Q1, SpotXchange saw significant growth in mobile, with over 3.1 billion mobile video impression opportunities.

Behind their growth: “We had a record first quarter as more premium publishers made the decision to go with the industry’s trusted and most transparent solution for video advertising,” said CEO Mike Shehan. “Our publishers are seeing stellar revenue growth with our platform and we hear consistently that the customer service provided by SpotXchange is unmatched in our industry. We’re thrilled with the traction seen in the first quarter and anticipate our revenue, customers and employees will continue to grow at a fast clip throughout the rest of the year.”


Altitude Digital

What they do:  Altitude Digital provides online display and video advertising technology, enabling online publishers to optimize ad space and reduce costs.

Headquarters: Denver

Their team: Altitude Digital has grown to about 60 employees across their San Francisco, Los Angeles, Utah, Denver and New York offices. They plan to grow their team to over 100 people in the next year.

Their growth stats: About 30,000 publishers and 1,600 clients use the marketplace for video and online display advertising. Overall, Altitude Digital has seen 100 percent growth year over year since inception.

Behind their growth: “From sales to technology, we have a rich pool of talent to choose from as we scale our businesses,” CEO and founder Jeremy Ostermiller said. “We believe Colorado is an unbelievable place to live and work. The pedigree of successful technology companies has spurred the creation of numerous advertising technology startups.”




What they do: Trueffect is a 1st party advertising platform for performance marketers

Headquarters: Westminster

The growth stats: They have a new customer acquisition growth of 400 percent year over year. Overall, the company has grown 630 percent in the past three years.

Their team: Trueffect is currently hiring for engineering, marketing, analytics and product roles.

Behind their growth: “Trueffect’s rapid growth is largely the result of a sophisticated group of digital marketing executives that we partner with that are focused on controlling and leveraging their first-party data for the first time,” Finn Faldi, President and CEO, said. “These marketers are activating this first-party data to more accurately target and measure their online advertising campaigns. As early adopters, they have become the catalysts in helping to drive our technology, innovation and market leadership position.”


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