5 Colorado Companies Poised for Growth

Built In Colorado is highlighting some standout teams in the bustling local tech scene.

Written by Conlan Carter
Published on May. 21, 2024
5 Colorado Companies Poised for Growth
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Technology in Colorado is on the rise.

In the last five years, the number of working tech professionals has steadily risen year over year — and 2024 is projected to be another major growth spurt, according to a recent report from the Computing Technology Industry Association. Eight percent of Colorado’s workforce is employed in tech, impacting twelve percent of the Centennial State’s overall economy.

On the local level, Colorado-based tech companies are acquiring new rounds of funding, expanding their workspaces to accommodate demand and investing in better onboarding experiences for new hires. Built In Colorado’s featured companies of the month all contribute to the upward trend in Colorado’s tech scene. Browse through the list below to discover what these companies have been up to recently.

What they do: Vorto is a logistics technology company that offers an AI-driven autonomous supply chain platform “for buyers, suppliers and logistics providers.”


The Perks

  • 401(k) matching and equity option
  • Diverse management team
  • Preference to promote from within


A welcoming onboarding experience: Vorto aims to digitize many facets of the supply chain experience, and it takes a village to accomplish the solutions modern logistics require to last the long haul. Built In Colorado spoke with one of Vorto’s recent hires, Cheri Meskimen, about how the overwhelming support from the Vorto team was the highlight of her onboarding journey. “It’s mind-blowing to see the care and compassion this logistics company shows its drivers and employees,” said Meskimen.



What they do: Magnite, formally SpotX, is a digital advertising platform that executes billions of monthly advertising transactions across television, online video, display and audio media. 


The Perks

  • 401(k) matching and company option
  • Continuing education stiped, tuition reimbursement and mentorship programs
  • Unlimited vacation policy and paid volunteer time.


Finding community and beloging in ERGs: To foster a more inclusive work environment and empower employees to create meaningful, positive change in their communities, Magnite offers many opportunities to get involved, including community volunteering and employee resource groups. In a recent conversation with Built In Colorado, Magnite’s Senior Director of Global Recruiting Cori Keuler, emphasized the value of ERGs as dedicated spaces for employees to find support and engage with DEI work. “In order to bring about meaningful change, DEI buy-in needs to happen at all levels of an organization,” said Keuler.



What they do: FusionAuth is a cybersecurity company that provides free authentication for other software products as well as hosting services, higher-end features and support.


The Perks

  • 401(k) matching and company option
  • Remote work program and flexible work schedule
  • Unlimited vacation policy and paid sick days


Preparing for growth: Since 2018, FusionAuth has successfully built its customer base and product offerings without external funding, but in late 2023, FusionAuth announced a $65 million raise from Updata Partners to help scale the company to meet the needs of its customers. According to CEO Brian Pontarelli, hiring and new partnerships are top priorities for utilizing the new funding.



What they do: Scythe Robotics is an automation machinery manufacturing company reinventing how people care for the outdoor world by building intelligent, all-electric machines.


A photo of Scythe Robotics’ autonomous, electric commercial lawnmower, the M.52.
Scythe Robotics


The Perks

  • 401(k) and equity option
  • Job training, virtual coaching sessions and online course subscriptions
  • Unlimited vacation policy


Upgrading to meet customer demand: Since the launch of the Scythe M.52 — the company’s autonomous, electric commercial mower — Scythe Robotics has seen a growing waitlist “thousands of units long” for the company’s latest mower. This demand was one major impetus behind Scythe Robotics’ newly expanded headquarters and and manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado this March. Additionally, in a proactive move, the company also adopted the North American Charging Standard port, also known as the “Tesla Charger,” for the M.52 mower.



A photo of the line assembly of Scythe Robotics’ M.52 mower in the Scythe Robotics manufacturing facility.
Scythe Robotics


What they do: DISH is multi-faceted communications and digital media company with products and services ranging from satellite televsion, internet, mobile phones and more. 


The Perks

  • 401(k) matching and employee stock purchase plan
  • Job training, mentorship program and tuition reimbursement
  • Dedicated diversity and inclusion, equal pay policy and mandated unconscious bias training


Scaled for success: As a company competing in the wireless communications field, it is no surprise DISH’s engineering teams are well versed in using modern tools to innovate faster. Built In Colorado recently spoke with Vice President of Systems Engineering Arnold Agcaoli to learn more about how DISH’s teams harness automation and the company’s cloud-native network to make continuous improvements to DISH’s products and services as the business scales. “At DISH, automation is in our DNA. We build our processes and teams with automation in mind all the time,” said Agcaoli.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and listed companies.

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