4 Colorado startups that will make your life easier

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Published on Aug. 28, 2014
4 Colorado startups that will make your life easier

We all know there are a ton of apps and websites out there that are dedicated to solving problems that are seemingly inconveniencing us everyday. However, integrating such technologies are often more daunting then continuing to do things as we have in the past. These are four Colorado startups that are worth utilizing to change the way we go through the motions of the mundane:



Frequent Pass

Ever wish that your coffee shop had a loyalty card that wasn’t cluttering your wallet? This local-centric app works to encourage frequent customers through a clean design to manage all of your rewards and redeem them conveniently. 




Group chat when you need to coordinate, segmented and categorized. The boards are accessible via mobile device or online. Users are able to send almost any type of file and access them instantly. Thus, users aren't bombarded with 30 unsolicited group texts and can set their notifications accordingly.




Grocery shopping has never been easy in urban cores due to transportation and common food deserts. Instacart has been expanding nationally and just in June entered the Colorado market. The same-day grocery delivery service has just recently added Whole Foods to its offerings and a new service location- Boulder. Now with their newly launched Boulder service, instacart covers the two main metropolitain areas in Colorado and is giving professionals and students an easier way to maintain their pantries. 




Finding a doctor, especially in niche field, is stressful. Denver-based health visionary Kerry Hicks founded Healthgrades back in 1998 to give patients a true acumen to determining what medical professional would be best for their needs. The site (and now app) has grown to be the most-trusted in the country and serves to give patients the ability to search by procedure, specialty, condition, and practice.


What task would you dream of being managed by an app?

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