ESRI wants to be where hackers make a better civic experience

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Published on May. 08, 2013
ESRI wants to be where hackers make a better civic experience

Hackathons are about sharing an experience with kindred spirits that believe in building and creating. When designers, developers, and entrepreneurs sign up to hack towards making the civic experience better, we want to be there.

Esri's built an awesome platform with cool tools to create, share, display and build location-based apps. We believe uniting cloud, web, and mobile technologies with location information and analytics leads to great apps that help solve problems that people encounter every day. We want our tools in the hands of the community so they can build what would be most beneficial and useful to them...for the citizens of Colorado.

Our technology will help you tell stories through maps and spatial analysis tools. We hope you find our APIs easy to use and powerful. We'll be there with the civic hacking community to share ideas, knowledge and experience toward improving the great place Colorado already is.

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