York Space Systems Announces Plans to Shoot Payloads Into Space

January 7, 2020
York Space Systems in orbit
York Space Systems

Companies have an increasing need to fire things into space — whether it’s a telecom provider launching its new 5G network, or a GPS company launching a satellite.

But most of these companies don’t have internal aerospace departments to make this possible. Instead, they rely on the likes of York Space Systems.

York Space Systems is a company that helps enable space missions through the manufacture of spacecraft platforms and end-to-end customer solutions. The company’s goal is to make spacecrafts as reliable and affordable as possible, in order to bring about the next generation of space missions.

Now it’s unveiled its newest technology to make this goal a reality.

York Space Systems unveiled its Hydra Mission Series on Tuesday. The Hydra series is a line of spacecraft that will help launch payloads on the behalf of York’s customers. All the customer has to do is deliver the payload to York Space Systems, and the company will take care of spacecraft integration, environmental testing, launch procurement, ground systems, mission operations, licensing and insurance.

A benefit of the Hydra series is its quick turnaround. York Space System says it can get a Hydra series craft ready for launch in as little as three months, which means the customer can get their payload in orbit faster.

Customers can secure an entire Hydra payload for $3 million, or a fraction of it for at a pro-rated amount as low as $300,000. York’s first Hydra mission is already fully booked by customers, with a planned launch in December 2020. The company is already in the process of booking payloads for Hydra II, which is scheduled to launch three months after Hydra I.

The company will continue making more Hydra missions available as each one fills up, launching them on a quarterly basis.

“York began with a strategic focus on enabling advanced space solutions that leverage standardization. Our customers are expanding the scope of innovation in our industry for both commercial and government use, and York remains committed to supporting their ambitions,” Melanie Preisser, VP of National Systems at York Space Systems, said in a statement. “With this new Hydra mission series, we are looking to provide the next generation of space and space data entrepreneurs a very simple and low risk method to accelerate their concepts to reality and strengthen our nation’s space infrastructure.”

York Space Systems is headquartered in Denver, and recently opened an office in Washington, D.C.

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