7 coding bootcamps and schools in Denver & Boulder you should know

October 11, 2017

Software is everywhere. It’s in our phones, our appliances and is even making its way into our bags and backpacks. No surprise, the demand for web developers is high, and there are plenty of programs here in Colorado training new cohorts of talent. If you’re looking to enhance your coding skills, we’ve gathered up seven of the best coding bootcamps and schools in the Denver and Boulder area. Happy coding!


Turing colorado coding bootcamps

The Turing School features front and backend engineering programs for software development and the creation of mobile, web and desktop applications. The instructors are experienced programmers with years of teaching experience, providing students with an ideal learning environment.

Duration: Seven months

Languages and frameworks: Ruby on Rails and Sinatra (back end); HTML, CSS, JavaScript (front end)

Techniques and approaches: A longer program that prepares students for more than an entry-level position

Location: Denver (1331 17th St.)

Cost: $20,000

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CodeCraft offers multiple programs, including both full- and part-time web development bootcamps. The curriculum focuses on fundamental front- and back-end skills to prepare students for careers as junior-level full stack developers.

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages and frameworks: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON, Bash, jQuery, Jode.js, Express.js, Vue.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Git, MVC, Heroku, npm

Techniques and approaches: Small class sizes and individual final projects for solo troubleshooting

Location: Boulder (1600 Range St.)

Cost: $10,500

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DaVinci Coders Colorado coding bootcamp

DaVinci Coders offers multiple tracks of learning, including cybersecurity, game development and Python or JavaScript web development. With knowledgeable instructors and small class sizes, DaVinci teaches coders of all skill levels.

Duration: 20 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Python, JavaScript, C#, Java

Techniques and approaches: Applying learned skills to the real world

Location: Westminster (9191 N Sheridan Blvd.)

Cost: $6,000-$9,995

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devry colorado coding bootcamp

The DeVry coding bootcamp is offered through DeVry University and provides students with programming fundamentals that will qualify them for entry-level developer positions.

Duration: 24 weeks

Languages and frameworks: C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Techniques and approaches: Pair programming and final capstone projects displaying a student’s full skill range

Location: Westminster (1870 W. 122nd Ave.)

Cost: $9,750

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Galvanize colorado coding bootcamp

Galvanize is a community of students and entrepreneurs enhancing their skills in multiple areas of tech. Galvanize has more than 650 graduates and a placement rate of 84 percent upon graduation. Students are employed everywhere from Amazon to Allstate.

Duration: 24 weeks

Languages and frameworks: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, React

Techniques and approaches: Group work and networking opportunities on their campuses housing hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies

Location: Denver and Boulder (multiple campuses)

Cost: $21,000

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General Assembly colorado coding bootcamp

General Assembly began as a coworking space and evolved into an educational community for enhancing skills and launching new careers. As a whole, GA offers online and on-site courses at one of their 20 campuses around the world. Curriculum focuses on a wide range of topics, including data, design, marketing, business and, of course, coding.

Duration: 10 or 13 weeks

Languages and frameworks: JavaScript, CSS, Ruby on Rails, MVC

Techniques and approaches: Mix of team collaboration, interactive labs and presentations

Location: Denver (2420 17th St.)

Cost: $13,950

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Skill Distillery Colorado coding bootcamp

Divided into four four-week sessions, Skill Distillery is an immersive program with a focus on web and Java application development. 

Duration: 16 weeks

Languages and frameworks: JavaScript, HTML, JQuery, AngularJS, REST, AJAX

Techniques and approaches: Pair programming

Location: Greenwood Village (7400 E Orchard Rd.)

Cost: $16,850

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