From dating to smart homes, here's how Colorado tech companies are using AI

by Jess Ryan
March 30, 2017

It seems like Artificial Intelligence has been on the rise for ages, from that one movie with Haley Joel Osment to Siri and IBM’s Watson. As the technology has advanced, more companies are getting in on the fun, including ones in Colorado. Here are seven Colorado startups using AI and machine learning in their products.



One of Colorado’s top adtech companies, AppThis helps brands place ads on apps around the world. They use machine learning and analytics to find the right apps for each ad, meaning users see ads they actually care about and advertisers get more bang for their buck.




Loxo works with executive search and staffing companies to help them find the best candidates for their roles. The company’s platform uses AI to search for talent using multiple data points, find contact info and automate outreach in a personalized way.




Unpack’d Technologies’ latest product, Say Allo, is a dating and social discovery app that uses AI and machine learning to match people up. The app pulls users’ social media data, and its algorithms comb through that info to determine which people are most compatible. And it even uses facial scanning technology to learn what features each user finds attractive so it can serve up better matches.




Have you ever wished you could walk into a store and have every item on the rack be your style, in your size? Looplist is working to make that a reality, using their AI tool called Maven. Maven learns what items users like as they go, creating better recommendations for clothes, shoes and more.




JStar’s product is a “home assistant” that uses AI to handle everything from changing the brightness of your lights to adjusting a connected thermostat. Josh is voice-activated and knows when people are home or when they’ve left — and will even lock the doors once everyone is gone.




ThinkTopic specializes in building software for clients that utilizes AI and machine learning. They’ve worked with brands like Condé Nast to build custom systems and algorithms, and they even use computer vision and image processing in some of their projects.




Pana learns your travel preferences to make your trips even easier. Its AI assistant, Crosby, can book, confirm and even reschedule your travel plans if your flight is delayed or canceled. Crosby uses natural language processing so your conversations flow naturally, giving you a more enjoyable experience.



Photos via featured companies and social media.

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