How they got in: 4 Colorado hires discuss how they found their jobs

by Anthony Sodd
November 5, 2015

How do you get an 'in' at one of Colorado’s hottest tech companies? It's a common and interesting question that largely depends on the company. If there were a simple recipe to landing the job of your dreams, we'd share it with you. But, since there's not, we caught up with three of Colorado tech's most exciting companies, and asked their employees how they got their jobs. I promise we didn't coach the people at Kapost. 


Matt Phillips, Sales Executive at Signpost

How did you find your job? I made the jump out here from San Francisco last spring and was under pressure to find new income. Having worked around the bay area start up network I was no stranger to the hunt. I relied heavily on social sites such as LinkedIn and AngelList. They are great places to have consistent representation and get a gage on what's out there. I was aware of Signpost from AngelList but actually applied through an online ad. After a series of interviews, all held in a single afternoon, I was offered a job.
Any tips for others who may want to work at your company? Know what you want. Signpost was my number one choice because I knew they would give me the training I wanted and the was the opportunity for rapid growth that I needed to be a killer sales rep. Make sure that you're ready for the challenge. Know the industry. There are a lot of great people here that love having a great time but please don't show up if you don't love small business. 


Sean Lopp, Client Services Representative, at Alteryx

How did I find my job: I first found Alteryx on LinkedIn. After reaching out I was quickly invited to attend a corporate open house. I was blown away by the software and the laid back, intelligent, and collaborative environment. The recruiters helped me identify a position that would be a good fit and the hiring process went quickly.

Any tips for people who want to work at Alteryx: Try out the product, you’ll quickly be amazed at what the software can do; make sure to share that enthusiasm and passion during your interview.


Angi Harp, Major Account Executive at Kapost

How did you find your job? I found my job on Built In Colorado. A friend referred me to the site as a great source of job postings and background info on cutting-edge tech companies. I was able to quickly create a profile, search the jobs section for sales positions and research companies further on the Built In Colorado website.

Do you have any suggestions for others looking to work at Kapost? Check out Kapost's culture page and see if you're good fit. My favorite company value is that we take our jobs seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. This value was clearly in practice when I interviewed in November (a.k.a. Movember when folks grow moustaches to raise awareness for men's health issues) and had to look past some crazy moustaches to focus on the interview conversations. I've also seen our SVP of Sales conduct an interview dressed as a banana on Halloween. Be yourself!


Richard Welton, Customer Success Manager at Kapost

How did you find your job? I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview in different cities with a wide variety of companies. I used recruiting companies and LinkedIn to search initially until a friend in Denver mentioned Built In Colorado. I knew that the Denver/Boulder area appealed to me and decided to dig in deeper. After going through many of the great companies, I targeted the Customer Success Manager position at Kapost as a potential fit, from a skill set and culture perspective. After the in-person interview, I knew that it would be the best fit for me.

Any tips for others looking to work at Kapost? When I look around at my co-workers, the characteristics that I see everyday are a group of people who are willing to work hard, enjoy the challenges of the job and show up everyday with a good attitude. 


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