Your next backpack will likely be connected to the internet

by Anthony Sodd
September 9, 2015


One of Colorado’s oldest online retailers, eBags, is shaking up their services in a big way. The retailer, who has been operating out of Englewood since 1998, recently hired a new CEO, Mike Edwards, who will be leading the already forward-thinking retailer into a new digital age.

“We’re looking to integrate technology into our bags to make them more of a connected device,” Edwards said. “You’ll be able to track your rewards, track your travel and connect to a new eBags mobile app.”

To accomplish that, the company recently announced a partnership with Iterate Studio, a company that finds and vets new technologies. As part of that partnership eBags unveiled a new development lab where they can test new products and retail technologies. The company hopes to test between 10 and 30 different technologies every month at the new lab.

That means in the not too distant future, you could start to see bags that charge electrical devices, ones that incorporate fingerprint scanning technology, and even bags that track geolocation. Ever wanted a hiking bag that charges your camera, only unzips with your fingerprint and could keep track of your hike? That might not be too far off.

In addition to the company’s newly innovative approach to the bag industry, they had several other updates. The company is looking at selling or integrating the things that go inside your bags. Think activewear, GoPros, travel clothing, and the like. They want to become a one stop shop for your travel needs.

The company also has big plans for, a site they operate, and hope they can turn into a fashion mecca.

“We’re envisioning a very different handbag shopping experience than exists in the marketplace today,” Edwards said. “We will have the most relevant handbags and fashion accessories anywhere in the world. We’re going to be a global fashion center — based right here in Englewood, Colorado.”

Look out Milan, Englewood is here.


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