From Denver to Myanmar, this company will get your employees to the farthest reaches of the globe

by Anthony Sodd
July 8, 2015


Looking to expand your business into Myanmar? Ok, so chances are the answer is probably no. But, with Denver-based International PEO Velocity Global, any American could push into what has previously been hostile territory.

Until recently, the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar has been off limits to American companies. In 2011, however, the country formed a new civilian led government and, in response, the United States lifted sanctions. Now, the U.S. government has gone the other way and is encouraging American companies to enter the country.

“During my recent travels to Myanmar, I was quite taken by the growth and optimism in the market,” Rob Crabtree, Global Account Manager at Velocity Global said. “The Golden Land shares a border with a third of the world’s population—India, China, Laos and Thailand. Considering both geography and the historic changes to the inbound investment environment, business in Myanmar is better than ever.”

Indeed, Myanmar is an untouched land for many western companies and there is real growth potential there. A report by the McKinsey Global Institute encouraging the government to invest in high-tech industries says that with lifted sanctions the economy has the potential to quadruple by 2030. As it is, however, the country is probably best known for exporting petroleum and supplying 8 percent of the world’s opium.

Velocity Global has come up with an innovative way for companies to expand overseas faster, cheaper and with more flexibility. They say they are like the Airbnb of international expansion, and it's a pretty good comparison. 
Traditionally, if you wanted to expand into another country, you would have to set up a local subsidiary, and hire through that. But, to set up a subsidiary in many countries is a bureaucratic nightmare costing big bucks and months to complete. 
Velocity Global hires your employees for you, and takes care of all the administrative stuff so you don’t have to. Your employees would technically work for a local company in the country you want to operate in, although those employees would remain under your direction. 

The company has been pushing aggressively to assist American companies entering foreign markets all over the globe. Since its founding in 2014, the company’s services now cover over 160 foreign markets — opening up about 83% of the world to American business.

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