5 jobs at Colorado tech companies that come with awesome titles

by Anthony Sodd
June 22, 2015


Sure, a job title is just a word, and the work you’re actually performing is way more important than what you’re called. That said, having a really cool title is a perk in itself. Being able to introduce yourself as an executive of this or a VP of that feels good – and that’s worth something. My official title, for example, is King of Colorado Content, which looks way more impressive on a business card than Staff Writer.

Anyway, here are 5 job openings at Colorado tech companies that combine an awesome title with a paycheck. 

Electronic Publisher at Digabit

Why the title is awesome: There are only so many people left who can introduce themselves as a publisher – and it still sounds super-sexy.

What you’d actually be doing: You’ll actually be publishing things – but those things will be mostly technical manuals.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with 2 years of experience with data entry or customer service.


Senior Byte Shepherd (or Bit Farmer if you prefer) at StatusPage.io

Why the title is awesome: Uh, it just is. Plus, who knew you could be a shepherd or farmer without having to get dirty?

What you’d actually be doing: You’d actually be doing the job of a Full Stack Rails Engineer, which is kind of as far away from actual shepherding or farming that you can get. 

Who they’re looking for: Someone with experience working with a coding language like Ruby or Python.


Regional Account Executive at Convercent

Why the title is awesome: Because you can totally get away with introducing yourself at a bar as "an executive with a tech firm."

What you’d actually be doing: A whole lot of sales. 

Who they’re looking for: Someone who can drum up business in new or difficult markets.


Digital Account Executive at Adperio

Why the title is awesome: This job has two incredibly hot words in it: 'Digital' and 'Executive.' The title simultaneously tells people you are important and that you are tech-savvy.

What you’d actually be doing: Generate sales.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with 3-5 years of digital sales experience.


Traveler Support at Evolve Vacation Rental Network

Why the title is awesome: For an entry-level job, you get a pretty exotic title.

What you’d actually be doing: Basically, you’d be performing support functions for travelers – think changing reservation dates, running payments, and updating customer information.

Who they’re looking for: This is an entry level, part-time job, and they’re looking for someone who is fresh out of college with a can-do attitude. 


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