5 Father's Day gifts that were Built In Colorado

June 16, 2015


A LulzBot 3D Printer

If your dad is an engineer, serial tinkerer, or just into making stuff, look no further. The printer will set you back a little over a grand, but you can probably get your dad to print you some pretty interesting stuff. The software included with the printer is supposed to be simple enough for a hobbyist to use. That said, if your dad is a Luddite, keep looking.



A Phone or Tablet Case of Family Photos

If you have a sentimental father, Photobucket has a feature where they’ll print you a custom tablet or phone case. Upload some old family photos and your dad will be sporting a phone emblazoned with a photo of you in a diaper.



Beer Making Kit

This gift is absolutely brilliant – assuming your dad can follow simple instructions. If you can successfully get your dad into home brewing you’ll end up with a ton of beer that the old man made, but can’t drink by himself. If, on the other hand, your dad can’t follow directions, you’ll be forcing down horrible ‘beer’ and faking a satisfied smile. While there are a ton of homebrew stores in Denver, this one also sells stuff to help your dad up his BBQ game. Perhaps most importantly, they also offer lessons. 



Some Skis

Ok, so the skis themselves were probably not made in Colorado. However, if you buy them through Active Junky, you will not only save some money, but you’ll also be supporting a Colorado company. If your dad isn’t into skiing, there’s a ton of other outdoorsy stuff you can buy through the site as well.


Best delivery a girl can ask for @weloveveggies #doortodoororganics pic.twitter.com/b8EfCiiRiV

— Stephanie (@stephasauruus) May 19, 2015

A Box of Veggies

If you want your dad healthy and alive for a long time, get him a big box of veggies – delivered weekly. Door to Door Organics lets you buy a box of random, organic veggies, and have them delivered right to your door. Who doesn’t love it when a box of food shows up on their doorstep? 


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