5 job openings Colorado coders and developers need to check out

June 1, 2015


iOS Developer at Robots & Pencils

Why it’s cool: Last year Robots & Pencils was named one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America. The company has made more than 250 apps used by 77 million people. It’s cool to have what you create used by tons of people.

What you’d do: You’d work on making iOS apps for clients and for Robots & Pencils.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with at least 5 years experience and a degree in computer science or computer engineering.



Lead Software Instructor and Curriculum Designer at SeedPaths

Why it’s cool: You’d be designing curriculum to help others learn how to code.

What you’d do: A bit of teaching, a bit of planning and everything else in-between.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with at least 5 years experience as a software developer who is fluent in: .NET, C#, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, and Agile.



Java Engineer at Craftsy

Why it’s cool: You’d get a chance to work on Craftsy’s website, which gets millions of views a month. It’s cool to have millions of people use something you helped make.

What you’d do: You’d make sure that Craftsy’s website is able to handle high loads of traffic, no matter where it comes from.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with experience as a Java Engineer.



Vice President, Software Development at HomeAdvisor

Why it’s cool: To start with, you’d have the word ‘president’ in your job title. Also, HomeAdvisor is a cool company.

What you’d do: Manage a team of Java and UI developers, partner with business leaders, and other things befitting a VP of Software Development.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with a ton of experience (10+ years) in software development.



Senior Software Developer at Zen Planner

Why it’s cool: The office comes equipped with indoor bike parking, showers and locker space – not to mention a kid’s playroom. Get your workout and your commute done at the same time.

What you’d do: Make software based on Java technologies.

Who they’re looking for: Somebody with 5 years experience making commercial software systems. 


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