2015 Colorado tech job salary guide: How does your salary stack up?

February 15, 2015


QA Engineer

Salary: $75,000 to $95,000 

Description: Quality assurance engineers must be able to test and release high quality software, on time and within budget. They work closely with the software development and product management teams to maintain the quality of applications.
  • Track defects and report on the software status regularly
  • Learn the code base and write automation tests
  • Lead new software releases from start to finish
  • Work closely with application support and help troubleshoot production issues and deployments
  • Know the software development life cycle and use QA methodologies and tools 
Skills: Ruby, Javascript, Python, Node.js, SQL, HTTP, SSL and SSH

Senior Backend Developer/ Senior Software Engineer

Salary: $80,000 to $125,000 
Description: Senior Backend Developers must be able to efficiently design, build and deploy software applications. They work closely with other software developers, QA Engineers, product managers, sales representatives, marketers and executives to fine-tune software features to the needs of customers. 
  • Build efficient and scalable software
  • Identify and address performance issues
  • Participate in design and code review sessions
  • Identify and prototype best practices for backend engineering
  • Skilled at performance debugging and benchmarking
Skills: .NET, Android (Java),C#, DevOps, iOS (Objective-C), Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, quality assurance, Ruby, API best practices


Junior Backend Developer/ Software Engineer

Salary: $45,000 to $75,000
Description: Junior Backed Developers tend to have one year of experience compared to senior backend developer’s three or more, as such they need more supervision and often play a support role. They work alongside the rest of the team helping to design, build and deploy code.
  • Build efficient and scalable software
  • Identify and address performance issues
  • Participates in design and code reviews
  • Skilled at performance debugging and benchmarking
  • Supports senior level developers
Skills: .NET, Android (Java),C#, DevOps, iOS (Objective-C), Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, quality assurance, Ruby, API best practices


Front End Developer/ Engineer 

Salary: $75,000 to 105,000 
Description: Front end development is where software design meets the user. Good front-end developers build websites, apps and software programs that not only perform technically well, but are also easy to use. They work closely with the product development team, UX designers, and the engineering team to craft the software closest to the user.
  • Implement interactive front-end features and graphical designs
  • Write clean and high performance code 
  • Collaborate with the engineering department, and other departments, in Agile software development environment
  • Works with designers turning wireframes and mockups into the real thing
  • Architect and build scalable, maintainable, testable, and reusable applications
Skills:  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web browsers 


DevOps Engineer

Salary: $75,000 to $95,000 

Description: DevOps Engineers must have sight of the big picture: the infrastructure. As such they are focused on the system as a whole, handling the infrastructure and server issues that applications are built on. Knowledge of the cloud and server hardware is a must.
  • Creates tools that reliably manage infrastructure. 
  • Writes maintainable code with extensive test coverage 
  • Support and improve existing production cluster management systems 
  • Works on server configurations, collaborating with core server engineers to optimize performance
  • Coordinating with frontend and back-end development teams 
Skills: Knowledge of Amazon Web Services, Cloud infrastructure, server hardware, Linux, database management, 

Digital Marketing Associate/ Content Manager

Salary: $50,000 to $75,000 
Description: A Digital Marketing Associate knows how to tell a company’s story. This person is part digital marketer, part journalist and part social media guru. Digital marketers must boil down their company’s marketing into information people will appreciate engaging with.
  • Write copy for websites, press releases, blog posts and advertisements
  • Engage community through social media content 
  • Creating video and other multi-media content
  • Analyze and improve website SEO
  • Manage company websites with content management systems like Wordpress
Skills: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, AP Style Guide, knowledge of Google Ad Words, SEO, Adobe Suite

Product Marketing Manager

Salary: $80,000 to $120,000 
Description: A Product Marketing Manager’s job is to handle the creation of all marketing and sales materials for a specific product. Usually, this position works across sales, marketing and product teams to determine the best strategy growing sales for a product. Not a pure marketing role, product-marketing managers must also have knowledge of the sales process.
  • Create a strategy for the launch and sale of new products
  • Develops product presentations, datasheets, technical briefs, whitepapers, and other promotional material
  • Grows online product presence via digital advertising, public relations, social media, blogging and SEO 
  • Coordinates promotional efforts with sales, marketing and public relations teams
  • Act as an representative at conferences, tradeshows, analysts, and to customers
Skills: Marketing analysis, social media, advertising, public relations, copy writing, sales


PR Director 

Salary: $90,000 to $100,000 
PR directors manage public perception of a company by creating content for use by journalists, bloggers, the company’s social media accounts, advertisements and websites. The cheapest form of marketing, good public relations can be a boost to a company’s bottom line. 
  • Work with media outlets to publish and promote company press releases, videos, photos, studies, marketing campaigns and positive news  
  • Creates and executes a messaging strategy that grows positive attention, and ultimately sales
  • Design and execute social media strategies and community management 
  • Works in tandem with product marketing managers and sales team to promote products
  • Advocates on behalf of the company brand with external stakeholders like the media, government, customers, and anyone else with an opinion on the company’s products

Skills: Press relations, copy writing, pitching, marketing, social media, sales

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SEO Manager 

Salary: $70,000 to $80,000
Description: SEO managers are hugely important to the success or failure of businesses. When people go looking to buy something they usually Google it; SEO managers make sure their company and products are at the top of the search list. Part marketer and part web developer, SEO managers know how to get the right words in front of the right people.
  • Create in-depth keyword and competitive research reports using data
  • Experience auditing websites with over thousands of URLs
  • Researches, analyzes, and then applies latest SEO techniques, tools and methodologies 
  • Helps marketing team develop content to improve search engine rankings
  • Make search advertising buys 
Skills: Google Analytics, Google Ad Words, HTML, CSS, blogging, public relations

Data Analyst

Salary: $40,000 to $85,000 
Description:  The digital economy is crawling with data and data analysts are tasked to make sense of it all. Through surveys, user data collection, and industry reports data analysts digest information so companies can optimize their products, as well as marketing and selling efforts.
  • Work with sales, marketing and product teams to come up with data driven conclusions 
  • Identify new sources of data and methods to improve data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Maintenance and clean up existing data sets for better analysis
  • Visualize data for easier understanding
  • Come up with original conclusions from the data set

Skills: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, and SQL databases

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UX/UI Web Designer

Salary: $80,000 to $90,000 
Description: User experience designers are responsible for improving user engagement with websites, mobile apps and software. They study the behavior of users and then use methods like A/B testing to see how changes in the design influence user behavior.
  • Design and prototype aesthetically pleasing interfaces 
  • Work closely with engineering and product teams to define and develop new features
  • Help create a beautiful and modern application that targeted customers enjoy using
  • Test new features on users and optimize design around results
Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, A/B Testing, design abilities, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics


Inside Sales 

Salary: $ 35,000 to $65,000 
Description: Inside sales representatives are the first part of the sales process. Whether it is responding to inbound emails and phone calls or sending outbound emails and phone calls, inside sales representatives must be ok starting a conversation cold and then warming it up to be passed to sales representatives or account managers.
  • Following up and qualifying on inbound leads and phone calls
  • Reaching out to prospective customers via emails and phone calls
  • Handling large scale email campaigns in coordination with the marketing team
  • Assist customers in their purchase decisions with product demonstrations, technical sales support, and best practices
  • Building the funnel of qualified sales leads for the rest of the sales team
Skills: Phone sales, email sales, understanding of the sales process, email marketing, persistence, strong speaking abilities

Account Manager

Salary: $45,000 to $75,000 
Description: Account managers keep customers happy. Happy customers keep buying. Positioned between the product team and sales team, account managers work to improve customer relations by helping them with their existing products and upselling additional helpful products or features.
  • Responsible for all customer communications, conflict resolution, and compliance
  • Manage contracts and customer billing communications
  • Monitor customer activity, analyze performance, and suggest areas of improvement
  • Upsell features to customers to increase revenues
  • Resolve customer problems with customer support and engineering teams 
Skills: Sales, customer support, ability to understand technical subjects

Sales Director  

Salary: $100,000 to $125,000 
Description: As manager of the sales team, sales directors are key to driving higher sales growth. Sales directors set the tone of sales campaigns and keep an eye on company interaction with customers. Behind any successful sales team is a manager supporting and directing.
  • Effectively articulate the value proposition to senior-level stakeholders and make internal recommendations to support its’ evolution
  • Cold call, prospect and lead generation activity to develop an ongoing pipeline of opportunities
  • Develop sales process and cadence that leads to more efficient company-wide selling over time
  • Meet quarterly and annual sales quotas while contributing to the larger business development and marketing efforts of the team
  • Help develop sales materials like brochures, case studies, and website copy with the marketing team

Skills: Sales, management, email marketing, sales strategy, lead generation

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*Note: The above salary ranges represent reference numbers for digital tech companies in the state of Colorado.The information was gathered from six in-house Colorado-based recruiters. Salaries will vary across industries, companies and locations. Salary is also dependent on the negotiating ability of the employers and applicants.

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