CIO (Chief Information Officer) salary in Denver

Average Base Salary in Denver

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $174K
Min: $145K
Max: $240K

How Much Does a CIO (Chief Information Officer) Make in Denver?

The average salary for a CIO (Chief Information Officer) in Denver is $173,667. The average additional cash compensation for a CIO (Chief Information Officer) in Denver is $85,000. The average total compensation for a CIO (Chief Information Officer) in Denver is $258,667. CIO (Chief Information Officer) salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Colorado from anonymous CIO (Chief Information Officer) employees in Denver.

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CIO (Chief Information Officer) jobs in Colorado

Information Security Analyst

Greater Denver Area
3 days ago
The Information Security Analyst is part of the Granicus Security team to ensure cohesive awareness of risk and our risk reduction capabilities, as well as easily collaborate with other departments who support our Security Program. Owns delivery of assigned security compliance projects in support of ongoing compliance programs. Assist team with other security and/or privacy compliance projects as assigned. Services should be performed in accordance with professional and department standards. Responsibilities include assessing the current adequacy of security strategy and controls for assigned systems, calculating the impact of potential adverse events, and facilitating risk mitigation planning and review sessions. This role assists with internal and third-party risk assessments.

UX/Information Designer

Greater Boulder Area
1 week ago
One or more years design experience; focusing on interface and data display for web, mobile and desktop applications. Mastery of your tools—Adobe Creative Cloud and interactive prototyping tools. Familiarity with HTML, CSS and Java Script would also be helpful. An analytical and visual mind, with a hunger for learning and a desire to solve complex human problems with technology. Strong process—concept and refine designs through sketches, diagrams, wireframes, visual designs and interactive pieces. A desire to challenge yourself both personally and professionally; as well as staying current with technology and interaction design trends. Knowledge of UI animation, Storyboarding, Motion graphics, 3D a plus.

Director of Information Security

Greater Denver Area
7 hours ago
We are looking for a Director of Information Security to lead our security teams and be responsible for our business’ information security, risk, and compliance activities. Given the scale and sensitive nature of the information that Checkr processes, security is core to our mission and we are looking to invest heavily in related activities and innovate in the space. 

VP, Information Security

Greater Denver Area
2 days ago
The Vice President of Information Security will be responsible for oversight of the governance, risk management, and compliance functions within the Information Security Department. Accountable for maintaining a strong information security posture and accountable for driving strategy, governance, and initiatives across the enterprise with an emphasis on framework compliance consistent with information security strategies, applicable laws, and company policies. The position ensures that safeguards are in place to facilitate the appropriate use and disposition of customer data, employee data, and other sensitive business information. Regularly consult with key stakeholders on various related initiatives developing strategies to minimize risk exposure and improve safeguards protecting information assets. Excellence is an expectation, and strong communications, leadership, teamwork, and agility are critical success factors.

Systems Administrator | Information Technology

Greater Denver Area
1 week ago
An Inspirato Systems Administrator is responsible for designing, planning, implementing, and having the highest level of performance as an expert in system administration. With this, the system administrator will research and select upgrades, software, and other necessities for the company's computer systems. The candidate must be well versed in technology and have a strong ability to plan, organize, evaluate and redesign system designs to have them work better for the company. This role relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. This position will report directly to the VP Information Technology.

Head of Information Security

Greater Denver Area
2 weeks ago
Ibotta is looking for a Head of Information Security to lead Ibotta’s cross-functional and holistic security function. This role will lead a team responsible for Ibotta’s overall infosecurity efforts across infrastructure, application, data, IT/Ops systems, as well as physical security. Additionally, this person will provide leadership, career development and mentoring to team members as well as guidance in critical security architecture, design, and risk assessment decisions.

Information Security Engineer Internship - Summer 2021

Greater Denver Area
2 weeks ago
For the summer of 2021, the InfoSec intern will develop tools and processes according to security guidelines with oversight by senior members of the team, identify weaknesses in our systems that will drive changes to the overall security architecture, and work as a liaison to all other business teams.

CIO (Chief Information Officer) Salary ranges

The most common CIO (Chief Information Officer) salary in Denver is between $150k - $160k.

Average CIO (Chief Information Officer) Salary by Company Size

People with the job title CIO (Chief Information Officer) make the most at companies with 501-1,000 employees, earning $173,667 on average.

CIO (Chief Information Officer) Salary by gender

CIO (Chief Information Officer) Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a CIO (Chief Information Officer) with 7+ years of experience is $240,000.

Average Data + Analytics salaries in Denver

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Junior Data Analyst $62,333
Min: $55K
Max: $70K
Junior Business Analyst $64,000
Min: $64K
Max: $64K
Data Analyst $69,773
Min: $45K
Max: $120K
Business Analyst $77,031
Min: $50K
Max: $120K
Business Intelligence Analyst $77,356
Min: $55K
Max: $110K
Senior Data Analyst $86,864
Min: $69K
Max: $116K
Junior Data Scientist $89,000
Min: $89K
Max: $89K
Analytics Manager $92,167
Min: $48K
Max: $123K
Business Intelligence Developer $97,654
Min: $76K
Max: $145K
Data Engineer $99,013
Min: $49K
Max: $146K
Senior Business Analyst $100,206
Min: $77K
Max: $150K
Data Scientist $101,956
Min: $75K
Max: $133K
Business Intelligence Manager $127,928
Min: $95K
Max: $165K
Senior Data Scientist $133,083
Min: $108K
Max: $170K
Database Administrator $136,500
Min: $133K
Max: $140K
Data Architect $136,727
Min: $73K
Max: $185K
Senior Data Engineer $138,000
Min: $138K
Max: $138K
Director of Analytics $142,711
Min: $100K
Max: $200K
Data Engineering Manager $167,000
Min: $167K
Max: $167K
CIO (Chief Information Officer) $173,667
Min: $145K
Max: $240K

Recent CIO (Chief Information Officer) salaries in Denver

Yearly Salary
A CIO reported a yearly salary of $240,000 with +$85,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
501-1,000 Employees
5-10 Reports
Yearly Salary
A CIO (Chief Information Officer) reported a yearly salary of $145,000
501-1,000 Employees
Yearly Salary
A CIO (Chief Information Officer) reported a yearly salary of $150,000
501-1,000 Employees
Yearly Salary
A CIO (Chief Information Officer) reported a yearly salary of $153,000
501-1,000 Employees
Yearly Salary
A CIO (Chief Information Officer) reported a yearly salary of $155,000
501-1,000 Employees
Yearly Salary
A CIO (Chief Information Officer) reported a yearly salary of $199,000
501-1,000 Employees
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