Olivia McClure
Senior Staff Writer at Built In

Olivia McClure is a senior staff writer on Built In’s Brand Studio team. She earned a bachelor's degree in English at Loyola University Chicago, where she contributed to the university's student-led newspaper as a film critic. Prior to joining Built In, McClure wrote stories for various publications covering a wide range of topics, including travel and interior design. 


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Sep 08, 2023
Three team members discuss how the company’s onboarding program equips new hires to make the impact they want.
Members of the Wipfli team assemble for an outdoor racing event. They wear matching blue shirts and participation numbers.
Aug 11, 2023
Three team members describe how the financial consulting firm’s people-first culture empowers employees to take the lead in their professional and personal lives.
SimplePractice team members share a meal in a cozy lounge.
Aug 11, 2023
Inspired by its core values, mission and customers, the healthtech company fosters a culture that empowers employees to support each other as both people and professionals.
Photo of a sign that reads “Elev. 10,000 Feet”
Jun 26, 2023
From its internship to its onboarding program, every new team member understands the fintech company’s goals, culture and expectations from every angle.
Employees talking at a desk, smiling
May 19, 2023
Learn how the company created a Culture Lead Program to empower employees across its U.S. offices to foster cultures unique to their locale.
Photo of Lottie high-fiving a colleague as she takes the stage, winning Samban of the Year
May 12, 2023
Learn how the company is showcasing the strength of its people through new awards and a welcoming, supportive culture.
TaskRay team members gathered together at company outing
May 05, 2023
A people-first culture enables the company’s employees to live balanced lives and make an impact from the moment they join the team.
Workiva team members gathered at table working on laptops in company office
Mar 27, 2023
The SaaS company is embracing adaptability in order to support the career ambitions of its 2,500-plus employees, who are spread across the globe.
An illustration of three professional women in profile
Dec 27, 2022
Leaders from InspiringApps, Maxwell, Pie Insurance and ezCater discuss their career journeys, the lessons they’ve learned and their advice for other women.
QuantumBlack team members standing together at conference
Dec 22, 2022
Three team members describe how diverse expertise and an empowering culture catalyze the creation of influential technology.
smiling employees working together in a peaceful setting
Dec 21, 2022
HR leaders from Magnite and Printfection share their strategies for creating a people-first culture and gauging its success.
Two Alteryx team members chatting in the office
Apr 27, 2022
Two employees describe the creation of Alteryx Designer Cloud, its impact on customers and growth opportunities on offer for the organization’s technologists.