Avery Komlofske

Avery Komlofske is a Built In Staff Writer covering a wide variety of Brand Studio content. He earned an undergraduate degree in english education from Purdue University, as well as a masters in humanities from the University of Chicago.

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Four wooden number blocks, spelling out 2022 turning into 2023.
Nov 17, 2022
These businesses are looking to expand their teams to prepare for next year’s goals.
Two men and one woman sitting around a table with a laptop on it, having a discussion. In the background, a blue wall that reads "We are Vendavo" can be seen.
Nov 14, 2022
Through the acquisition, Vendavo considered all aspects of both teams — people, processes and technology.
ServiceNow team members throwing confetti in the air
Sep 30, 2022
At ServiceNow, an employee isn’t just encouraged to be themselves — their personal strengths help grow the company’s culture.
Hotel Engine team members collaborating on a project
Aug 15, 2022
As the tech industry faces major challenges, Hotel Engine’s culture of resilience and flexibility helps it keep growing.
SambaSafety team members at Disneyland
Jul 18, 2022
SambaSafety’s employees have every other Friday off all summer — and not only is it helping their mental health, it’s making them a better team.
New hire being introduced to the rest of the team
Jun 28, 2022
Scholars’ product brings transparency to the early-career recruiting experience — which is good for candidates and companies alike. Here’s how they do it.
Homebot logo on the wall in the office
Jun 13, 2022
When Homebot decided to roll out new values, they got help from the most important place they could: Homebotters.
Man holding a paper heart in the colors of rainbow
Jun 01, 2022
These Colorado businesses know that their employees need support all year, not just during Pride month.
Spiral image on black background.
May 25, 2022
Ibotta’s data scientists work tirelessly to make themselves and the company better today than they were yesterday.
A cat looking into a mouse hole
May 06, 2022
Marketing and sales teams should be partners, not adversaries.
Illustration of a man sitting at a desk conducting a video interview
Apr 28, 2022
Work-from-home employees require different hiring and onboarding processes; here’s how these companies do it.
Panorama view of Denver skyline at twilight
Mar 24, 2022
Built In highlights six interesting companies from this up-and-coming tech hub — and they’re all hiring.