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We’re looking for a Content Marketing Manager to join our legitimately fantastic team!

Verblio is a content creation platform based in Denver, CO. We are content marketing enthusiasts with an amazing brand and platform. We’re in full-tilt growth mode with  grandiose plans for world domination (the friendly kind) and show no signs of slowing down. Content is vital to modern marketing—but it’s really hard to do well and at scale. (It’s hard to do great things in large quantities. That’s why wedding food is often so bad.)  To help companies do that, Verblio  nurtures a network of over 3,000 writers—plus a marketplace business model and an easy-to-use platform for collaboration—to allow modern digital agencies, businesses, enterprises, and publishers to create great content. Our entire business is based on content creation, AND, we need help doing it for ourselves. 

We’re led by a 15-year marketplace industry veteran and staffed by a team of energetic, eclectic startup junkies, writing enthusiasts, and random liberal arts degree collectors as we brew this powerful SaaS + marketplace potion. We’re intoxicating and we think you’re going to like it.

We are looking for the right Content Marketing Manager to join our team. 

About the role:

This content marketing role is a bit different. Rather than being laser-focused on longform writing for SEO, as many content marketing gigs are, this is an opportunity for someone who loves trying new things, building content across many channels, and generally being a jack-of-all trades. Yes, you’ll do some writing, and specialize in content, but you’ll also be a generalist in some ways.

Marketing at Verblio:

Our job is kinda meta: we build and distribute content marketing for a content creation company that’s focused on helping other companies do content marketing.

It’s kinda funny, but it also means we’re in a crowded space: if we create run of the mill content about content marketing, it means we’re competing for attention in the SERP and the mind of our prospect with companies you might’ve heard of like HubSpot, Moz, etc., etc.

So, we have to be either more thoughtful than that about what we target, or we have to create better content. Or, ideally, both.

But, we’ve got some cool things going for us too:

  • A 50 DA
  • A brand that is starting to turn heads in our space
  • Strong partners in SEO, copywriting, design
  • A content marketing team that can’t wait to work with you
  • An awesome tech platform backed by awesome humans
  • A leadership team 100% invested in content marketing

And, we’ve got some a number of vehicles for content, too:

  • Our blog
  • Our site in general
  • A shiny podcast (Yes, and Marketing)
  • A sizeable email list
  • Our customer base
  • Stickers
  • Trade show booths (as much as Omicron allows)

Until recently, Verblio’s business was built almost entirely on inbound marketing. We’ve got a strong inbound funnel that’s working—it delivers 20+ new customers per week, almost like clockwork.

Here’s the big picture for your role:

It’s time for us to scale up our content. What we’ve done so far in the content marketing space has been good, but we believe that getting to great—and doing more of it—can help us accelerate our growth even further. With that in mind,

The content team has external customers:

  • There’s more room to grow our inbound funnel, and now that we’ve fueled the rocketship with proven content success, it’s time to blast off.
  • We’re doubling down on customer experience, and that means building even more content to engage and retain customers.

The content team has internal customers:

  • There’s a lot more room to grow through outbound sales and partnerships. Those teams need content.
  • Our product marketing team is awesome and hard at work packaging our offerings to go after new verticals and markets. It’s hard to go to market without any supporting content.
  • The marketing team builds a lot of cool shit (email, social media, case studies, a website, etc. etc.). We help.

On a day-to-day basis you will:

Write: Writing longform, top of funnel articles isn’t your primary job, but you’ll still be writing. Things you might write as part of this role:

  • Social copy to distribute our content on LinkedIn
  • Case studies
  • SEO refreshes
  • Editing content from outside writers
  • An automated email sequence for a sales winback campaign

Design: We have a top-notch design contractor, but that’s in part because our existing content team is better at words than pictures. Hopefully you can help.

  • Beautiful slide decks for thought leadership presentations or as sales enablement tools
  • Infographics for social media
  • Images for email campaigns
  • “This free template we gated should really be a beautiful, fillable PDF instead of a black and white Google sheet”

Video: Marketers talk a lot about how important video is, but few marketing teams do it right. This is one place we’d like to level up.

  • Turn raw footage from a weekly podcast into a YouTube sensation
  • Add some production quality to a boring product video recorded in Loom
  • Make video a consistent and successful part of our content strategy

Try new things:

  • Verblio has never done a webinar. We probably should - want to produce a webinar?
  • We once had the wild idea to make an adult coloring book as a takeaway from our booth at a trade show. Maybe you can help make it happen.

Distribute, distribute, distribute:

We’ll be honest: content promotion and amplification isn’t our strong suit. Maybe it’s because our marketing team has historically been a bit introverted. Maybe it’s because we’ve got a lot going on. Or maybe it’s because content promotion is f&*(ing hard. Regardless of the reason, we need some help in this area. The person in this role will be great at link building, driving engagement, and experimenting with new ways to get eyeballs on our content.

Oh! One more thing! 

This role will report to our Director of Content Marketing, and while content marketing will be your main gig, there are other areas of marketing that have lots of opportunity. For example, in keeping with the way this role is meta, you might take your best practices and help turn them into a new product. We’re looking for someone who’s jazzed about this, because we’re jazzed about this! 

What you will need to be successful in this role: 

A disclaimer (because this job description isn’t long enough)

It would take a million years to find someone who is already a pro at everything we talked about in the last section and who is sheer perfection on every one of the following bullet points. We aren’t looking for that person. Verblio is an organization that values smart, flexible humans who love to learn, and we want to talk to folks who are rockstars at some of these things, and desperate excited to learn about the rest. 

So, to be successful in this role, you’ll need most of these:

  • 3+ years of content marketing experience.
  • A voracious appetite for building content, because you thoroughly enjoy it.
  • Comfort with video editing software and a desire to use it.
  • Social media experience (particularly LinkedIn).
  • Strong writing and editing skills. While you won’t primarily be researching and generating longform content from scratch, you’ll still be writing.
  • A basic understanding of SEO (and willingness to learn more).
  • Effective communication with cross-functional teams. Those internal customers have to know that we’ve got their back, and that means clear, direct communication (and a healthy dash of project management at times).
  • The desire to do what it takes to effectively promote and distribute content in our space—get out there (virtually) make connections, pitch, etc.
  • A desire to do all of this in a startup environment where budgets aren’t unlimited, systems can be complex & imperfect, and scrappiness is required.
  • Analytical skills. We believe that (most) content should be measured.
  • A firm belief that content marketing is a team sport.
  • Bonus points for experience at a digital marketing agency.
  • Cool or unexpected skills that would make you great for the role but we haven’t mentioned? Let’s hear them. 

We’ll warn you in advance that this isn’t your traditional 9-5. We believe that “work-life balance” is a misnomer, because it implies the two are opposed - and your work life shouldn’t be in opposition with the rest of your life. We’re marketing nerds, not workaholics. We love getting away from work and going on a hike (yep, Colorado af), but we also ponder the ways AllTrails handles SEO for each trailhead URL and we ooooh and ahhh over the dynamic content in REI’s emails.

What makes Verblio a great place to work:

Verblio has a vibrant company culture. We’re smart, welcoming, creative, and engaged in our jobs. We love to share resources and recommendations. We like to make each other laugh. We care about our jobs, but not so much that it kills us. We care about our families, our communities, our hobbies, and our mental health, too. We have a low turnover rate because people love working here. We’re looking for someone that wants to be a part of that. 

Other reasons Verblio is an awesome place to work:

  • Competitive equity package built by people who have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to startup equity packages.
  • Health, dental & vision insurance with a  generous monthly company contribution.
  • Flexible paid time off and holidays.
  • Last Fridays of the month off.
  • Consistent investment in employee growth. We don’t just talk the talk, we put time and dollars behind helping you grow.
  • You’ll have a high degree of ownership and opportunity to inspire your passion and personal fulfillment.
  • Did we mention we’ve got a really fun team culture and everyone is delightfully intelligent and that we share a wonderful set of company values? We don’t have needless meetings, don’t tolerate egos, and genuinely like each other. It’s awesome.
  • We’re growing, and it’s way more fun to be on a rocketship to the stars than riding in circles on a model train set. (No disrespect to model train enthusiasts.). We made the Inc 5000 list for the third year in a row, won our sixth Mercury 100 award as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Boulder Valley, and just made the Colorado Companies to Watch list.
  • Some day when we can safely co-locate again, we’ve got in-person perks like free food & drink, fun events,  a hip centrally-located Denver office, a free RTD Eco-pass, etc… Some day. 
  • This position pays $55,000-70,000
  • Have you read the website? That’ll give you a good idea of our energy.

Excited about this opportunity?

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  • LinkedIn profile link,
  • A couple sentences that show you read this whole thing and that it speaks to you.

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