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Company Description

Absio Corporation is a software development company based in Highlands Ranch, CO that is pioneering new ways to secure and control digital information. Absio provides a fundamentally unique and disruptive technology – the means to control access to and use of your data everywhere it exists, even on someone else’s device.  

Data has three states – at rest, in motion and in use.  Perimeter security is designed to prevent access to data at rest within a specific network, but does nothing to secure data once it is shared.  Encryption is designed to secure data at rest and in motion, but cannot protect data in use. Absio’s patented technology enables persistent control of data at rest, in motion and in use.

Absio's Business is Built on the Following Guiding Principles:

My Data, My Rules: Digital information is private property and carries all the rights and obligations that are associated with other forms of property.

Expectation of Privacy/Confidentiality: All individuals deserve for their personal information to remain private, and all organizations deserve for their business intelligence and internal documentation to remain confidential.

Persistent Control is Essential: Given the ease with which digital information can be copied and distributed, it is imperative for individuals to be able to control access to and use of their digital information in as many situations as possible.

You Are Our Customer, Not Our Product: Sharing or selling digital information should be under the control of the individuals or organizations that own it. Absio does not have the rights, or the means, to read or sell our customers' information or content.

Absio Funding

  • Dec 8, 2014
  • Debt Sep 9, 2013
    Amount not disclosed
  • Equity Jul 11, 2012
    Amount not disclosed

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