5 startups using tech to make Colorado a healthier place

April Bohnert

Technology has had a tremendous effect on every industry, but none so much as healthcare. Healthtech business is booming in Colorado, with companies tackling some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, from family planning to mental health to healthcare administration. Here’s how these Colorado startups use the power of technology to advance healthcare and improve the world.

What they do: SomaLogic combines biomedical engineering with diagnostic software to help medical researchers and institutions more accurately diagnose diseases, assess health risks and predict cardiovascular events. The goal is to leverage protein biomarker technology and data analysis to create actionable measurements that improve healthcare for all.

Founded: 2000

Funding: $118 million

What they do: Using interactive web and mobile applications, myStrength guides users in achieving mental and physical wellness. The app helps people with anxiety, depression or substance abuse problems by delivering evidence-based psychotherapy tools, customized for each user.

Founded: 2012

Funding: Bootstrapped


What they do: Welltok’s health optimization platform encourages users to make daily choices that improve their health and well-being. The app doesn’t just provide advice about diet and exercise. It also helps people manage chronic diseases and better understand — and take advantage of — their healthcare benefits.

Founded: 2008

Funding: $221 million


What they do: Kindara helps women take control of their reproductive health. Their fertility charting app and Bluetooth basal thermometer allow women to track their fertility, whether they’re trying to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy or just want to better understand their bodies.

Founded: 2011

Funding: $7.9 million


What they do: Recondo’s SaaS solutions connect patients, insurance providers and healthcare professionals to reduce the challenges faced from all sides. Patients get more insight into billing and pricing, and healthcare businesses can more easily manage payments and communicate with insurers.

Founded: 2006

Funding: $36 million


Photos via featured companies and social media.

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Your Guide to Healthcare Tech Companies in Colorado

Everything you need to know about healthcare tech companies in Denver and Colorado.

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