5 Colorado fintech companies looking for someone like you

Jess Ryan

A number of fintech companies have sprung up in the last few years, and Colorado’s got its fair share of startups shaking up the finance world. If you’re looking to break into the fintech industry, here are five jobs you may want to consider.


The gig: DevOps Engineer

What you’d be doing: Streamlining development, QA and operations for OnDeck, which connects small business owners with loans. You’d build tools, define best practices and contribute to the creation of different environments.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with at least two years of DevOps experience who has strong Ruby and Python skills and the ability to lead a team.

Why you should apply: Free lunch, semi-annual hackathons and four months paid parental leave for all parents (plus up to $5,000 for adoption assistance).


The gig: Financial Analyst

What you’d be doing: Managing the books for BiggerPockets, whose online platform is chock-full of resources for people interested in investing in real estate. You’ll also submit financial forecasts, handle payroll and work with the team to manage relationships with advertisers.

Who they’re looking for: Someone who has basic accounting skills, strong experience in financial analysis and a high degree of self-confidence.

Why you should apply: BiggerPockets covers health, dental or vision for you and one dependent at 100 percent.


The gig: Marketing Communications Specialist

What you’d be doing: You’d be creating marketing collateral and communications for Altvia Solutions, which builds software for investors of various stripes. The role involves a lot of writing and content development, and you’d also have some digital marketing responsibilities.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with at least two years of marketing experience who knows how to use Adobe Creative Suite and has some Salesforce experience.

Why you should apply: Altvia Solutions offers an employee ownership plan to employees who’ve worked there for a certain amount of time.


The gig: Regional Sales Executive

What you’d be doing: Driving sales for Billtrust, a provider of cloud-based solutions for invoice and cash flow management. You’d own a particular territory, building relationships with prospects across all verticals.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with at least seven years of SaaS sales, with an emphasis on selling to VP- and C-level employees. You should also have an entrepreneurial spirit and be okay with traveling 30 to 40 percent of the time.

Why you should apply: Billtrust offers unlimited PTO, meaning you can treat yo’self to some time off after closing those big deals.


The gig: QA Engineer

What you’d be doing: You’d build automated testing scenarios for Pensco's engineering team, which focuses on using tech to support the bank’s needs.

Who they’re looking for: Someone with at least five years of software QA experience who is collaborative and familiar with SQL and Selenium.

Why you should apply: Pensco helps people use the funds in their retirement accounts to invest in non-exchange traded assets like real estate. They’re an established company with a highly collaborative engineering team.


Photos via featured companies and Shutterstock.

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