New CU Boulder bootcamp gives entrepreneurs 10 MBA classes in 1 week

Anthony Sodd

Going back to school for an MBA is a huge time commitment, not to mention the financial stress. The Economist found that, at least in the short run, cheaper, shorter MBAs offer better returns over expensive, prestigious ones. After all, while in school, you’re not just paying tuition, you’re missing out on salary and other opportunities while you pursue your degree. So, what if you could squeeze a ton of business classes into one, super intensive week?

The University of Colorado Leeds School of Business is offering a five day program aimed at equipping people with the knowledge they need to monetize their ideas and think like innovative, successful entrepreneurs. 

The program, called Ideas 2 Action, packs 10 courses into a one week bootcamp-like format. That means participants pack two classes into every day, and then attend night sessions as well.

The program comes with the stamp of one of the most prestigious business schools in the country, and all classes are taught by the university's MBA faculty. Free mentoring sessions are also included.

The program is new, having completed its first cohort in Boulder last year. This initial program proved so successful that the university is now offering it three times in 2016, with one session each in Boulder, Vail and Denver. 

The program isn’t free, coming in at around $5,000, but it’s also not the $330,000 an MBA at Wharton usually ends up costing. And, yes, there are scholarship opportunities. 


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