Denver-based Cloud CRM firm tectonic acquires Local Cloud9

Emerson Dameron

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Local Cloud9, a Denver startup that brings SaaS CRM technology to the Salesforce cloud, has been acquired by the larger Denver firm tectonic.

Ron Pullar, CEO of Local Cloud9, will now join tectonic as SVP and managing director. Other details of the deal remain undisclosed, but Pullar said that it should be a boon to both teams.

"LocalCloud9 is a trusted partner bringing technology to the partner ecosystem,” Pullar said. “Leveraging the vast amounts of customer data and using it strategically is at the forefront of our customers' minds. Tectonic's insight to action capabilities, the intersection of big data, analytics, marketing and CRM, coupled with Local Cloud9's marketing automation tools, will help our current and future clients truly draw the insights about their customers and convert them into action. Local Cloud9 is excited to be a part of innovative integrated insight to action solutions in the cloud."

As a Salesforce Alliance partner, Local Cloud9 has a proud history of providing not only tech solutions but strategic consulting, SEO, and more to management clients looking to streamline their staffing processes. Blair Linville, CEO of tectonic, said he is excited to see what the two can accomplish together with the growing Colorado cloud community behind them.

"Local Cloud9 strengthens our integrated approach to automating big data, analytics, marketing automation, and customer relationship management tools in the cloud," Linville said. "We are excited to bring their innovative capability in marketing automation together with our insight to action model, allowing us to expand the services we can offer to our clients."

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