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Site Reliability Engineer salary in Denver

Average Base Salary in Denver

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $133K
Min: $133K
Max: $133K

How Much Does a Site Reliability Engineer Make in Denver?

The average salary for a Site Reliability Engineer in Denver is $133,000. The average additional cash compensation for a Site Reliability Engineer in Denver is $4,700. The average total compensation for a Site Reliability Engineer in Denver is $137,700. Site Reliability Engineer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Colorado from anonymous Site Reliability Engineer employees in Denver.

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Site Reliability Engineer jobs in Colorado

Senior DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering

Greater Denver Area
5 days ago
Maintain 24x7 production environment with a high level of service availability. Perform quality reviews, manage operational issues. Interface with Dev/QA/OPS teams to identify root cause analysis and re-instrument triggers to prevent future network degradation and outages. Explore and innovate new cloud and HA technologies, features, and tools. Partner with development teams in defining and implementing improvements in service architecture. Implement automation and orchestration for manual processes required to operate and deploy cloud services, be at the heart of developing new ideas into internal OPS/SRE tools by working closely with advanced technology and high IT professionals. Implement automated tests, automated deployments, and operational tools. Collaborate with Product and Support teams to plan and deploy product releases. Ensure services are designed with 24/7 availability and operational readiness and rigor. Implementation of proactive monitoring, alerting, trend analysis and self-healing systems. Participate in on-call rotations, driving restoration and repair of service-impacting issues. Define non-functional requirements as part of the product lifecycle to influence the new designs, standards, and methods for scalable, highly available distributed systems.

Site Reliability Engineer (ADX-45-20)

Greater Boulder Area
1 week ago
The Site Reliability Engineer position is responsible for a variety of process and infrastructure initiatives, including platform maintenance and enhancements for Archer’s flagship cloud-based genomics product, automating existing pipelines to improve efficiency and long-term ecosystem health, performing software updates across our AWS platform, and ensuring that managed assets are performing as expected through the use of telemetry, automated alerts, and self-healing infrastructure.

Site Reliability Engineer (Multiple Openings) – Centennial, CO

Greater Denver Area
1 week ago
Provide server environment support and design; Maintain a multi-clustered server environment by monitoring performance, conducting root cause analysis and resolving performance issues; Maintain and improve QA and Production configuration using automation tools; Analyze issues with Production and Staging environments to provide recommendations and resolutions; Take escalations from network operations team, and conduct incidents investigation and automated tools development; Implement, maintain and troubleshoot end-to-end server and network solutions for the enterprise; Evaluate, consult, research and make recommendations on large technical solutions; Perform system and web-server administration, write scripts, engage in network protocols and conduct remote administration of servers and network devices; Create bug reports and application optimization recommendations for engineering teams; Design, implement and audit services monitoring features; Design and develop automation features to support operations management; Design, develop and integrate external solutions to support RingCentral's products; Design and build out production environments; Assist with onsite and remote end user issues.

Senior Manager, DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

Greater Denver Area
1 week ago
The Senior Manager, DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering contributes to the strategic objectives of the Innovation Division by providing 24x7 support of cloud-based production platform by managing 70+ SRE & DevOps team members across multiple geographical zones (USA, Europe, Asia).

Director of DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

Greater Denver Area
1 week ago
The Director of DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering contributes to the strategic objectives of the Innovation Division by providing 24x7 support of cloud-based production platform by managing 70+ SRE & DevOps team members across multiple geographical zones (USA, Europe, Asia). This is a headquarters based technical management position focusing on development, leadership and oversight of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) department.

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Greater Denver Area
1 week ago
We are a dynamic team of engineers that iterate on ideas and products for a growing company that is dedicated to building meaningful tech communities. Here, we can provide interesting challenges and puzzles to solve as our technical stack rapidly evolves. You will be able to work with new technologies and architectures in a forward-thinking organization that looks to push boundaries. As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will concentrate on our infrastructure and core services. We want to deliver a stable and responsive experience to our users and customers, and value maintainable and practical construction over band-aids and hacks.

Site Reliability Engineer

Greater Denver Area
3 weeks ago
Site Reliability Engineers are the checks and balances to the continuous development and deployment by Software Engineers, they are the support to Infrastructure Engineers’ constant need to maintain and scale the operational systems of the company. Further, they are a group of individuals that are passionate about enabling and promoting reliability throughout the product development organization. With the support of team, keeping systems reliable and available becomes easier for the whole team! 

Site Reliability Engineer

Greater Denver Area
5 months ago
We are looking to hire a qualified Site Reliability Engineer to provide technical leadership in the management and scaling of our application services. You will be responsible for building, managing, and deploying infrastructure as code within a virtual computing and storage environment for digital media delivery and supply chain management. This role is located in Denver, Colorado and requires eligibility to work in the United States without need for visa sponsorship.  Applicants who are outside the Denver Metro area and ready to relocate are welcome to apply, but local candidates are preferred.

Site Reliability Engineer

Greater Boulder Area
6 months ago
We are seeking a highly experienced, skilled, and driven Site Reliability Engineer with a strong understanding of the CI/CD lifecycle, cloud native technology, and legacy software systems. You have likely been an application Software Engineer in the past and have gained a deep understanding of infrastructure and operations, or have been a Systems Administrator with a decade plus of experience across technologies who has spent the last few years learning modern automation and cloud native infrastructure skills.

Site Reliability Engineer (Strong Junior, Mid, or Senior)

Greater Denver Area
3 weeks ago
The Site Reliability Engineer position will be the second addition to a new SRE team based in Denver, CO. We are open to mentoring and helping a junior candidate grow. However, because we are a small team, any candidate should be able to be a major contributor. Looking for strong junior, mid, or senior level candidates.

Site Reliability Engineer Salary ranges

The most common Site Reliability Engineer salary in Denver is between $130k - $140k.

Average Site Reliability Engineer Salary by Company Size

People with the job title Site Reliability Engineer make the most at companies with 201-500 employees, earning $133,000 on average.

Site Reliability Engineer Salary by gender

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Site Reliability Engineer Salary by Years of Experience

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Average Dev + Engineer salaries in Denver

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
QA Analyst $68,531
Min: $48K
Max: $110K
Junior Software Engineer $69,833
Min: $55K
Max: $82K
Front End Developer $81,382
Min: $37K
Max: $150K
QA Engineer $81,828
Min: $57K
Max: $125K
Salesforce Developer $84,725
Min: $64K
Max: $135K
Automation Engineer $86,588
Min: $51K
Max: $110K
Android Developer $90,818
Min: $70K
Max: $115K
Software Test Engineer $94,906
Min: $61K
Max: $165K
Data Engineer $98,132
Min: $49K
Max: $146K
iOS Developer $103,818
Min: $60K
Max: $145K
Game Developer $105,000
Min: $105K
Max: $105K
Software Engineer $106,407
Min: $60K
Max: $170K
Security Engineer $106,706
Min: $78K
Max: $137K
QA Manager $107,833
Min: $85K
Max: $140K
DevOps Engineer $107,891
Min: $70K
Max: $160K
Sales Engineer $112,533
Min: $61K
Max: $200K
Lead Software Engineer $118,000
Min: $93K
Max: $143K
Hardware Engineer $121,000
Min: $121K
Max: $121K
Systems Engineer $126,000
Min: $126K
Max: $126K
Machine Learning Engineer $128,000
Min: $128K
Max: $128K
Senior Software Engineer $128,583
Min: $90K
Max: $195K
Site Reliability Engineer $133,000
Min: $133K
Max: $133K
Data Architect $135,400
Min: $73K
Max: $185K
Database Administrator $136,500
Min: $133K
Max: $140K
Engineering Manager $141,116
Min: $110K
Max: $190K
Principal Software Engineer $149,810
Min: $98K
Max: $195K
Director of Software Engineering $155,610
Min: $111K
Max: $200K
Data Engineering Manager $167,000
Min: $167K
Max: $167K
Vice President of Engineering $174,636
Min: $132K
Max: $225K
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) $195,760
Min: $100K
Max: $330K

Recent Site Reliability Engineer salaries in Denver

Yearly Salary
A Site Reliability Engineer reported a yearly salary of $133,000 with +$4,700 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Salaries//Dev + Engineer//Site Reliability Engineer