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Senior .NET Developer, Inc.
Greater Denver Area
17 minutes ago
Responsible for full software development life cycle, including user interface design, database development, back-end architecture, deployment and maintenance of the defined solution based on business and functional requirements. Design, write, unit test, and document application code to successfully deliver secure, robust, transactional and service oriented architectures. Understand's strategic initiatives and develop technology solutions that deliver the required business value. Understand complex business processes/applications with intent to re-write/enhance using current tools/technology. Provide supporting documentation for all phases of development/implementation. Develop technical specifications, including data flow diagrams. Maintain data security and internal controls of environment to adequately protect Agency assets and records. Work directly with's client partners as needed.

Vice President of Product

Greater Denver Area
3 days ago
Developing and bringing new products to market is hard! Consumers are constantly being inundated with advertisements and information overload about the latest and greatest offerings from tech companies, retailers, CPG companies, etc. How do companies successfully, yet quickly, discover the best strategy to target and attract the “ideal” customer? How do they streamline their product development efforts to meet anticipated consumer needs and accelerate their time to market without sacrificing customer needs? Many companies hire market research firms to conduct beta testing and focus groups to determine the most compelling strategy for targeting, engaging and retaining their customers. Yet many of the “household name” market research firms are behind in the times. They leverage research methodologies that lack audience specificity or ones that achieve audience specificity at the expense of time- and cost-efficiency. These old school market research companies haven’t adapted to changing times and can’t keep up with the pace of product development in the age of the Lean Startup.

Senior Software Engineer - Platform Services

Greater Denver Area
1 week ago
The Platform Services team architects, builds, and is responsible for the core ingestion, messaging, workflow processing, and data services. As a Senior level member of the team, you will research and build new data streaming and storage technologies to support business use cases, system stability, and improve the customer experience. You will evangelize data infrastructure technologies by developing in-house expertise and best practices around these technologies, and providing ongoing support to product engineering teams. You will build and operate systems to ingest and serve data at scale in a 24/7 high-uptime production environment.  Here’s more information about our Engineering culture, values, and interviewing process.

Senior Backend Engineer

Greater Denver Area
1 month ago
Manage our PHP frameworks for our customer and vendor web applications to ensure consistency and scalability with a focus on simplicity, centralized assets and documentation. Work with customers, internal stakeholders and founders to solve interesting technical problems. Establishing and define our overall application architecture. Ensure the long term quality of our code and scalability of our application by creating development processes and standards.

Sr. Software Engineer (Remote)

Demand IQ
Greater Denver Area
2 months ago
Expert in Python. Experience with AWS - Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB. Experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript (React). Web application development experience (REST, HTTP(S), custom APIs).

Senior Javascript Engineer

Greater Denver Area
5 months ago
In this role, you will act primarily as a product engineer helping the team design, plan, develop, deploy, and maintain new and existing applications. As features are shipped and adopted by customers, you will also be expected to provide implementation support. The MetaRouter platform primarily collects data from client-side libraries, and strong experience with Javascript in the browser is critical. ​ You will be operating on Dockerized application sets within Kubernetes environments running on GCP services. You will be building product features that may utilize a variety of Javascript libraries such as Node, Typescript, React, and GraphQL. The primary purpose of these applications is to configure and connect data streams, so an understanding of JSON spec, common databases (Postgres, SQL, Redshift, etc), key data languages (Python, Golang, Java etc), and any additional data-operation tools is preferred.

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