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Senior Manager, Content Marketing

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Our Vision

  • We are changing lives and communities. Sixty percent of the U.S. population suffers from at least one recurring health condition, and pharmaceutical drugs often fail people with their side effects, risk of dependency, and cursory and temporary impacts.
  • We are meeting a significant and unsatisfied demand in healthcare and consumer goods. Our company addresses a growing interest in plant-based products as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, combining effective products with an exceptional customer experience.
  • We are focused on creating an extraordinary brand, not just extraordinary products. We are building an iconic direct-to-consumer brand that will amplify the reach and value of our products.
  • We will solve important and difficult problems - for our customers and for society. Our first product was inspired by the devastating impact of opioid abuse, the significant side effects of other prescription and OTC drugs, and the confusion and inconsistency of existing natural remedies.
  • We will replicate our product model to build a large and growing catalog of plant-based solutions. We launch our first product in the fall of 2019 and then plan to launch 2-3 new products per year after that, addressing a wide variety of health concerns.

Why We’re Different

  • We create novel and complementary formulas by carefully selecting the optimal mix of key botanicals, while our competitors deliver either one herb in one pill or unfocused “proprietary blends.”
  • We provide significant therapeutic doses of each active plant compound to deliver whole-health solutions, time-tested and validated by credible scientific studies, while our competitors simply don’t.
  • We seek out and recommend holistic strategies to healing, while our competitors push a “silver bullet.”

Our Team

  • We have a remarkable leadership team with extensive experience in building successful consumer-facing brands, including digitally-native concepts. We have a hands-on culture that embraces challenges and thrives on open communication, relying on teamwork and transparency to overcome every obstacle in our way.
  • Our founders and initial investors are an extraordinary and accomplished group of entrepreneurs and business leaders. They include the former founder and CEO of a category-leading natural beverage brand that was acquired by a Fortune 500 company; one of the world’s foremost experts on the formulation and use of botanical remedies and herbal supplements; and a successful investor-operator with more than two decades of experience in the media and health and wellness industries.
  • We also are working with an extraordinary group of advisors and partners, including a top brand strategy agency that has launched several billion-dollar direct-to-consumer brands.

Our Opportunity

  • The nutraceuticals market is expected to reach over $100 Billion by 2024, and the herbal dietary supplements category is expected to see 10% compound annual growth for the next decade or more.
  • Our first product addresses recurring pain, which is estimated to affect up to 100 million people in the United States alone. Our future products will target other health issues that affect millions of people and for which consumers are seeking alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals.
  • While interest in plant-based medicines and herbal supplements is growing at a rapid pace, the marketplace is fragmented and confusing for the average consumer, and brand loyalty is extremely low.
  • Our goal is simple: to build a billion-dollar brand that delivers beneficial and therapeutic solutions to millions of people with effective and differentiated botanical products and an extraordinary customer experience.

Your Role

Overview: We are a start-up. There’s a job description with a lot of specifics that follows, but, the truth is, you’ll be doing a little bit of everything else in addition to what’s described below. Content strategy and content marketing are two really important responsibilities that we know you’re going to lead, but there may be some other things - both super exciting and kind of monotonous. You are joining a small team - we all pitch in where needed. You’re going to do things you would have never imagined - related to content marketing and probably a lot of other functional areas. We’re here to change lives and communities and we’re all ready to do whatever it takes to make that happen. 

You are (1) super passionate about creating a content strategy and executing on it in order to build a brand and (2) experienced with best-in-class tools, strategies and technologies for search engine marketing. You are part of the “1%” when it comes to using creativity in an analytical way to drive business results. You will optimize business performance by improving acquisition opportunities through strategic, compelling and tested content. You will be an advocate of testing organic as well as performance marketing strategies. Of course you are a team player, don’t take things personally and try to balance working smart with working hard.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Manage earned growth digital channels, including social media, organic video and native editorial content. Recommends and implements strategies for publishing
  • Create and oversee the creation of original content, copywriting and brand assets for digital platforms
  • Owns process (concept to execution) for content produced for distribution to organic channels
  • Ensures consistency of brand, imagery and messaging across all platforms
  • Leverages product and original content for maximum organic impact
  • Serves as a proxy for earned growth-- explores and identifies new acquisition channels
  • Demonstrates command of our product, competitive brands and industry trends
  • Optimizes online search strategy and implementation
  • Facilitates brainstorming activities with team and maintains editorial calendar

Experience/Qualifications and Attributes

  • Six to eight years of experience in self-directed content strategy, digital marketing and social media content across all major platforms creating organic content
  • Must be able to share portfolio/work samples and share research-informed decisions
  • Strong command of content trends, analytics, deployment tools and demonstrated application
  • Fluent in both social and traditional media marketing strategies
  • Good taste; a modern sense of aesthetics and a passion for great copy; consistent tone and tailoring to multiple demographics/segments
  • Proven experience in identifying target audiences and creatively integrating with multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage, educate and motivate
  • Experience in affinity modeling, graphic design and/or video production are a plus
  • Expertise in using Google Analytics
  • Affiliate marketing experience a plus
  • Ability to communicate clearly and display a high degree of self-awareness when working within a small team
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to learn new technologies and platforms quickly and create improved efficiency
  • Ability to work independently at times on multiple tasks without day-to-day direction
  • Health and wellness is a top priority for you and something that interests you - you want to learn about Ashwagandha and Box Breathing and how it can make you happier and healthier
  • Experience establishing private Facebook groups and best practices for managing them
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