Cloud Native Application Programmer

| Greater Boulder Area

Who We Are:

Stateless is on a mission to reinvent network connectivity. Central to that was our initial innovation, where we demonstrated an ability to efficiently decouple state from processing in network functions—a task deemed infeasible in high-performance networking systems, but in doing so, we have opened the door for fundamentally changing how networks are built. Now, we are building the product around that vision. VCs have backed us, and early adopters have validated the business opportunity.

Automation and programmatic control of networking systems is a burgeoning field and this is your chance to join a team leading the revolution. But it is not “just implementation”.  Stateless is a bleeding-edge company utilizing cutting-edge technology and tools. We are always open to what’s coming next and in many cases defining what’s coming next.  

What You Will Do:

At Stateless our mission is to make complex networks simple to manage. Automation and operational efficiency are central to that, and our architecture aligns with many of the principles for “cloud native applications”. As a cloud native application programmer at Stateless, you will be responsible for the implementation and refinement of the applications that form the orchestration layer used to control our networking platform and its integration with higher-level monitoring and control systems.

If you are comfortable with a cutting-edge tech stack and greenfield development then this position is for you!

Who You Are:


  • Experience designing and implementing sophisticated REST APIs
  • Experience with Kotlin or some other JVM language (Java, Scala, or other memory-managed, statically-typed languages such as C#)
  • Working with orchestration software -- we use Mesos and Marathon, but Kubernetes and Docker Swarm experience translate fairly easily
  • Working with containerization technology: Docker, Kata Containers, rkt, LXC, etc
  • Can read and write OpenAPI (fka Swagger) specifications
  • Comfortable developing outside "enterprise frameworks" (we don't use Spring, Wildfly or J2EE here)
  • Familiar with git or another distributed version control system (e.g. hg or darcs)
  • Experience with distributed systems is highly desirable
  • Experience with Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis or other data streaming systems is a plus

Why Stateless?

At Stateless you will make an impact right out of the gate. As a company we are challenging the status quo and as a culture we do the same. We stand for a culture in which we are SUPPORTIVE of one another and committed to team diversity, SINCERE in our communication with our colleagues and customers, STUDIOUS in the way we are serious about and accountable for our work, always STRIVING to improve, and ultimately STATELESS where we are willing to adapt as needed.

We take care of you here at Stateless. We offer flexible working hours, unlimited PTO, and contribute 100% of health, dental, and vision costs. Stateless is a Techstars Boulder company with strong venture funding.

We are dramatically ramping and scaling our team; we are aiming for 3x growth in the next 18 months. This is your opportunity to join a highly collaborative environment as part of an innovative, tight-knit team of talented individuals bringing an amazing new product to market. We are already well on our way and are navigating deep into uncharted networking waters. Please think about joining Stateless on this transformational networking journey!

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