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GET YER BLOCKCHAIN ON: The scoop on blockchain & crytocurrencies

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SheSays Boulder
Jan 24
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Women in Tech

Looking back on 2017 there was one topic in tech, finance, and a global shift that came up again and again —not Trump…BLOCKCHAIN.

Many are saying it's impact will be on par with the internet and we think they’re right: A financial sea-change is happening. More importantly, this industry is still YOUNG and its opportunities in business and personal finance are ripe for the taking. We want more women & minorities in the mix…profiting in, diversifying and decentralizing Blockchain technology.

If you’re like most people, you have questions about Blockchain and cryptocurrency. No problem.
We're pleased to have industry experts Shira Frank and Raine Revere (Cofounders at Maiden) share their personal stories and dig into the promise of both decentralized economics and Blockchain technology to build a more intelligent and just financial ecosystem.

In one year alone, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) has grown exponentially, from $19 billion dollars in January of 2017, to over $500 billion dollars today. And, blockchain is also poised to revolutionize other systems... including creating a fully open and auditable voting registry for elections.

So who has power in this new economic force?
Unfortunately this technology is heavily engineering focused and thus the people with the most access to this new technology are largely white, male, straight, and middle class. Maiden is working to change all of that and flip the balance of power by bringing women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community into this growing market.

Here are the key areas we'll dive into:

An intro on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Perspective on cryptocurrencies as a new asset class. Understand risks and security recommendations for cryptocurrencies. Learn about investment tools on the market today. Hope to see you in January!
- Mandy, Kecia & The SheSays LC



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7:00-8:00'ish = Presentation and Q&A


Raine Revere
Co-Founder, MaidenLead Architect of Prism, ShapeShift

Raine Revere is an engineer and educator in the Ethereum community who has spoken at blockchain events across the world. Raine is the Lead Architect of ShapeShift Prism and is the co-founder of Maiden, a company that delivers socially-aware blockchain education, cultural & leadership development, and diversity-powered blockchain consulting. As a therapist, teacher, and cryptocurrency engineer, Raine has the unique capacity to engage deeply with both the technical and social aspects of technology.

Shira Frank
Co-Founder, Maiden

Shira brings over 15 years of work in politics, social change, women’s philanthropy, and fundraising with her role as Co-Founder of Maiden, a company devoted to building a more intelligent economy by diversifying the leaders, makers, and culture of Blockchain Technology. Shira spent seven years as a Deputy Director for J Street—the single-largest pro-Israel PAC in the US—working to transform the way Congress and the Executive branch engage in the Middle East and to promote the creation of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

During Shira's tenure, J Street partnered with the Obama Administration to successfully push the Iran-Nuclear deal through Congress and prevent a war with Iran. Shira holds a degree in Government and Political Theory from Smith College. She hails from the Redwood Coast of Arcata, CA and after spending eight years in our nation’s capital, she recently found her heart back in the wild west where she is currently living in Boulder, CO.


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