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Co-Founder Matchmaking - Finding a Startup That Inspires You

Organized By
Denver Startup Founder 101
Nov 30
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Venture Capital

• What we'll do
The Denver Metro is buzzing with startup activity. Unfortunately, many startups are short a co-founder or two that will adequately fill critical needs. As a Founder, finding a great Co-Founder that complements you and fits your needs is difficult. That's where you come in!

At Co-Founder Matchmaking, you hear a 3 minute pitch from each startup about their company and then what type of roles they are missing. After the pitches, you'll have the opportunity to ask them questions and get to know the ones in which you can provide value and see if there is a match.

Sounds fun right?!

• What to bring
Bring business skills, technology skills, sales skills, marketing skills, etc... they all need something. You've got it? Bring it!

• Important to know
Many of these startups are early stage and working their way to having an MVP.

Are you looking for a Co-Founder? PM us with contact information. Space is limited.