Zen Planner Beefs Up With $10M Investment

by Amina Elahi
October 25, 2013


Many gymrats agree that the best gyms are those that offer lots of equipment, clean facilities, classes and other benefits. Successful health and fitness enterprises usually offer all of these perks and more, and often expand to several locations. To help this vertical’s business managers, Denver-based Zen Planner offers software that offers everything from business reporting tools and billing capabilities to attendance and skill tracking for members.

This week, the company announced a $10 million growth equity investment from San Francisco-based Mainsail Partners.

The key to this capital raising is that it will enable us to get better software in the hands of more health and fitness business owners,” says Zen Planner CEO Jeff Gardner. Market research revealved that the company needed to work on awareness and educating potential customers about how Zen Planner’s products aid growth. “We will do this by investing in our marketing team and we will also be making significant investments in product development to ensure our customers have the latest and most efficient tools. Mobile solutions will also be a significant part of our go-forward strategy.”

The health and fitness industry, which relies not only on memberships but also scheduling of classes and the like, is bogged down by the number of moving parts managers have to consider each day. Zen Planner, then, hopes to simplify the process by providing a centralized way to track and control daily tasks.

For this health-focused company, Colorado is the perfect home. Founded in 2006, it’s been called the second-best place to work in 2013 by Outside Magazine, due to the plethora health-focused activities and resources that are available to employees. If you’re interested in working at Zen Planner, check out some of the open jobs they’ve listed on our site.

Gardner sees Colorado, one of the fittest states with enviably low obesity rates, as the perfect home for his business. With customers who understand his mission and environment that supports it, Gardner is grateful for the resources that surround him.

“The Colorado Fitness Association (CFA) is on the leading edge of providing local networking for fitness businesses,” he says, of one of his favorite local resources. “We have built a special relationship with this organization and their model is one that we expect will expand across the country. Through this organization we are working to educate and provide software to its members so that they can focus on spending time with their clients.”

With an influx of funds, Zen Planner will be focusing on product development, building up its customer service and, yes, hiring. Now, who wouldn’t want to work at a company whose office is full of dart boards and ping pong tables?

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