Is startup life a fit for you? Insight into 4 local startup jobs

by Elyse Kent
April 1, 2014

Not everyone knows if working for a startup is right for them or what specific positions actually look like day-to-day. We’ve interviewed several individuals from various backgrounds and positions to reveal a range of insight into startup life. Although these 4 individuals have very different jobs, four true consistencies emerged.

Click on a staffer to read more from their vantage point:
1. You are given a plethora of responsibilities.


“As a wide achiever (vs. a high achiever) I find that working for a startup is much more fulfilling. As VP of Product, I'm responsible for our entire product life-cycle which creates a diverse, challenging, high-paced work environment: one moment I'm looking at some code with our engineers or solving a UI/UX problem, next I get to A/B test a feature talking to our users, or I get out of the building to interview customers, analyzing BI or prioritizing a product roadmap – I love the diversity!“
2. You get the opportunity to grow along with a company.


“Oxbow Labs has grown organically over the past 9 years. This measured growth has allowed the company to build our client and talent pool without the risk of over-extending its resources. In the past two years, Oxbow Labs has doubled in size, bringing with it new opportunities and challenges. One such challenge is to build an efficient project management system. As a small startup with just 6 employees, we have been able to try out new techniques, tools, and strategies, adapting rapidly to those that work, and gutting those that don't.”
3. It takes skill to collaborate and break the distance barrier.


“My team is split between NYC, London and Denver, so it is harder for us to collaborate and work together, but somehow, we manage to do so VERY well.  We are constantly on Google Hangouts, meeting and talking through issues of the week.  We are always on chat, whether in a sales chat room or just one-on-one asking for advice, sending congratulatory picture .gifs etc. For being across the world from one another, this is one of the most collaborative team I have ever been on.”  
4. Determination is rewarded. 


“ShipCompliant recognizes our work in a couple different ways. If you notice someone doing a great job and embodying our core values (Feel It, Own It, Shape It, Crush It), you can donate tokens that can be cashed in for some great experiences from our friends at Enjoywishlist. We also call out personal and company wins every Friday during a short company meeting. Most notably, we were rewarded for great work by a trip to Mexico.” 


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