NewsGator Acquires Sitrion

by Bill Brady
October 21, 2013


Sitrion is a leading technology provider for business productivity that drives the adoption of SAP-based business processes. Sitrion delivers a stunning and intuitive experience of SAP-supported self-services for casual users in SharePoint, on any mobile device or cloud service and the adoption of SAP processes is improved by surfacing them naturally in everyday work environments. With more than 100 enterprise customers like Pitney Bowes, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Devon Energy, Sitrion is making hundreds of thousands of employees and managers more productive through easy and simple access to business processes.

Social Meets Processes = Human Productivity

With this acquisition, NewsGator is taking the next big step towards the company’s strategic vision to Make Work Better. Combining business processes for employees and managers in an impressive user experience with NewsGator’s enterprise class social business capabilities, NewsGator empowers organizations to fundamentally increase the productivity of their workforce. Delivering the power of SAP processes to every single employee in a social and collaborative fashion is a major milestone in human productivity.

"We are taking the idea of the social workplace to a whole new level, by combining the power of social directly with the process backbone of an organization." says Daniel Kraft, CEO of NewsGator. "Now social collaboration and process execution can happen fully integrated, laying the foundation for improved human productivity in a user experience employees intuitively 'get' and love to work in. Work just got so much more fun", he adds. “We have been partnered with Sitrion for some time and have the product integration already working. Bringing those great people and strong product portfolios together is what customers asked us for and the result of great joint work”, Kraft concludes.

Removing Barriers = Making Enterprise Social a Reality

By removing the barriers between people and processes, NewsGator provides a social workplace across the entire business ecosystem: from SAP business processes to Microsoft knowledge worker environment. Empowering managers and employees to combine the creative and structured part of their job in one unique user experiences leads to more time, more excitement and more engagement with their work.

"For Sitrion we believe in simplifying work. This may sound strange at first from an organization focused on SAP but we see endless opportunities with this powerful engine that sits behind the leading companies on this planet." says Markus Dopp, CEO of Sitrion. "Our customers change the world with resources managed in SAP. And we believe that people should enjoy the applications they use, and that is what we deliver. That is what we make happen for them," he adds.

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