How CAD Has Revolutionized Architectural Detailing Services?

June 5, 2014

Architectural detailing is one of the most crucial requirements for a construction project.

Conventionally architectural drafts and detailing sheets were created manually; this made the process highly complex and tedious. Besides, manual drafting also meant increased chances of human errors and flaws. Even a minor modification in the draft amounted in either redrafting or compromising on the neatness and clarity of the architectural detailing draft.

CAD has revolutionized the way Architectural detailing work is done.

  • CAD-Computer aided designing, allows draughtsman to use computers in order to create highly precise, neat and flawless drafts. These drafts can carry detailed information that can be abstracted for look up.
  • Additionally any changes ‘minor or major’ can be easily amended in a CAD draft, any number of times. It empowers architects to innovate and experiment more. They are not afraid to amend changes, as doing so is extremely user friendly in CAD drafts.
  • 2D architectural detailing and drafting can also be used as a reference to develop 3D CAD architectural floor plans and ‘as built’ 3D models. This allows everyone involved, the architects, engineers, fabricators and most importantly, clients to get a clear insight into the architectural project.
  • CAD tools are getting sophisticated; the technological advances and enhanced features included in these tools help draft even the most complex designs in great detail.
  • Moreover, architectural detailing can be combined with mechanical drafts, structural drawings and electrical detailing and be used by all the disciplines working across the construction project.
  • Architectural CAD detailing has also made it easy to maintain and manage draft sheets. Manual drafts need to be photocopied and sent across to clients, however CAD drafts can be easily mailed to clients and other concerned individuals. This means information sharing has become easy and fast.

We listed the benefits of CAD for architectural firms, and also how it has simplified the detailing process.

However how has it changed the delivery model?

CAD detailing has enabled easy, fast and accurate creation of architectural drafts, this in turn has enabled architectural firms to deliver qualitative, cost effective and fast services to their clients.

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