Fluid's Guide: Being A Good Neighbor

by Fluid Market
September 15, 2016


No matter what people say, having a good relationship with your neighbor is super important - after all, who knows when you'll need them? I once heard a story of somebody who slipped in the kitchen and injured themselves, and their neighbor was the only one who answered the phone to come help.  Moreover, knowing you live in a community (not just a neighborhood) can make every day a little brighter. 

Here at Fluid, we understand the importance of community and being a good neighbor. We're a company passionate about sharing, and we especially love sharing with our neighbors!

Here are some great tips on how to be a good neighbor - try them out and start building your community today!


1. Smile. Let's start small and simple. Even if it doesn't seem like much, a smile can turn into a "Hello" which can then turn into a "What's your name?" Even if it's not reciprocated at first, smiling can be contagious and eventually you'll get one back!

2. Share. If you've made a giant lasagna and are overflowing with leftovers, why not share with your neighbors? Or, if you have a tomato plant that's overabundant, take a basket over to the house across the street. They may have awesome goodies to share with you too!

3. Offer to help. You see a moving truck across the street and a couple is moving in. Ask if they need a hand! We all know moving is a huge hassle (and can be super time-consuming), and helping hands are always greatly appreciated. Even a mom carrying heavy grocery bags? Offer to help her too! 

4. Random Acts of Kindness. Have some time on your hands? Shovel the snow on your walk, as well as your neighbors. Power wash your side of the street (you can borrow one on... you guessed it!) and surprise your next door neighbors with a nice sidewalk. 

5. Throw a party! Block parties are a great way to introduce yourself to neighbors you’ve never met and to reconnect with neighbors you rarely see. Throw a potluck where everybody brings their own dish, or a party for a certain event (Superbowl, Labor Day, etc) to bring the neighborhood together. Be the catalyst for a tradition in your community!


Whether you just moved into your neighborhood or have been living there for a while, start trying these tips out today! Who knows - maybe you'll make a lifelong friend or community! 

Do you have any "how to be a good neighbor" tips or stories? Tweet us @fluidmarket, we'd love to hear from you! Let's create an awesome community, together. 

- The Fluid Team


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