Cloud Elements Makes a Developer's Life Easier with Documents Hub Launch

by McKenzie Fetzer
January 9, 2014


Cloud Elements is excited to announce the public availability of our Documents Hub. By writing to the Documents Hub API, developers can integrate all of the leading cloud document and file services in a fraction of the time and cost by leveraging our innovative “one-to-many” integration service. One-to-many integration hubs use a single, uniform API to provide developers access to all of the leading services in a category, in this case, leading Document and File services including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint and SkyDrive. The Cloud Elements Documents Hub provides a single console to provision, integrate, monitor and maintain these services through our Elements Manager platform.

How does the Documents Hub make a developer’s life easier? Lets say that your application needs to integrate with more than one of the cloud document services to offer value to your customers. You integrate once to our Documents Hub and you are fully integrated to all of those services with no additional work. That’s our “one-to-many” approach at work. One API connects you to many services, which connects you to very many users.

SlideFish, a Sydney, Australia based presentation and document sharing, feedback and analytics tool, has integrated the Cloud Elements Documents Hub. CEO Neil Smith says, “The Cloud Elements Document ‘Elements’ take a huge amount of pain away from us. Not having to worry about ongoing API changes from the various cloud document storage providers means that we can integrate with their services much faster, on a larger scale and more reliably than we could on our own.”

Using the Elements Manager to provision your APIs, end-customers can easily authorize access to their document accounts through your application. You can then monitor and maintain each of these customer instances from a single console – providing further savings through a management service geared to help you support the thousands or even millions of accounts your clients may provision.

Developers can try the Documents Hub API for free by signing up here.

Read the full press release here. 

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