3 Colorado companies you wish you worked for

by Elyse Kent
July 6, 2014

Colorado tech companies have some of the most unique startup company cultures out there with their brew-tastic offices and fitness-centered teams. Luckily, Colorado tech companies are also growing quickly and hiring. Here's three companies that you could work for that are working on amazing tech products while building up solid teams and company cultures.


Zen Planner


What they do:

Provide online fitness business management software

Their company culture:

“The energy around our office is contagious. On a normal day at the office, it’s not unusual for people to be passionately debating a new software feature and to get caught in the cross-fire of a Nerf dart battle.  Or to be working diligently to solve a customer’s question while a dog has their head resting in a team member’s lap.  Or to see several members of the team go out on a run and brainstorm on how to create better customer solutions.” - ZenPlanner Director of Culture and Team Engagement Casey Steiner

Their best perk:

“We are family with each other and we are extremely family-friendly.  We have a kids room in the office where kids can hang out while mom or dad works, and families are invited to all of our team events. Since the Zen Planner family is made up of like-minded fitness fanatics:  affiliate gym competitors, yoga instructors, black belts, dancers and gym owners, and mountain bike racers.  We often chose to workout together, do yoga in the park or a Rugged Maniac race.”

How they hire:

“Recruitment is an effort by everybody in the organization. Everybody we hire will interview with at least two members of the leadership team and we often invite finalists to join us for happy hour at the office to get to know their future family. We all genuinely like each other and want to make sure those team members we bring on board feel comfortable in the culture we have established.”

What they are working on right now:

“We have a huge product launch coming up this month with a new comprehensive workout tracking and a new user interface. The new product has truly been a team effort, with customer service providing input directly received from customers and everyone has been assisting with the QA process. And, the entire company has been debriefed on the process every step of the way.”




Why they do what they do:

sovrn exists to ensure independent online publishers can thrive and are working on a platform that will give publishers the data, insights and information that will help them increase their readers and revenue.

Top employee perk:

“sovrn's open office space looks out on the Flatirons and is stock full of plants, reclaimed wood, and other aesthetics that foster an environment of creativity and collaboration. The offices, conference rooms and phone booths have floor to ceiling glass making way for light and transparency while soundproofing each of the rooms. On Fridays, sovrn hosts Happy Hours where the garage door in the kitchen rolls up to an open patio onlooking 29th Street Mall for everyone to enjoy the weather and fresh drinks.” - sovrn People Partner Brittany Kloss

Their company culture:

“sovrn believes and invests in its people.  A core value at sovrn: ‘argue like you're right; listen like you're wrong.’’

How they hire:

"sovrn is all about culture fit. All candidates will likely meet with CEO Walter Knapp."

Their involvement in Colorado:

"sovrn sponsored Boulder Start-Up Week as a host company and they will be participating in NewCo Boulder in the fall of 2014. The company gives local college students internship opportunities and CEO Walter Knapp regularly speaks at Colorado industry tech conferences such as Colorado Venture Summit."




What they do:

Give social intelligence and display solutions to agencies, brands, sports organizations, publishers and broadcasters.

What WayIn employees love:

“Wayin focuses on its employees interests and work-life balance. The company has unlimited vacation, work-from-home Wednesdays, career development budgets and an overall encouragement for employees to enjoy time with their families, appreciate their passions.” - media rep Melissa Hourigan

Their culture:

“The company is about transparency and a strong focus on success as a team. The company also has what you would expect from a fun environment including a ping pong table, kegerator, free beverages and snacks, etc.”

How they hire:

“Applicants are first tested via a phone interview with the head of HR to determine a fit. If the applicant meets the initial criteria, they conduct a phone interview with the hiring manager for skill assessment. If there is a skills match, the candidate is invited in for a two-hour in-person interview with the leads from all departments, the members of the executive team and the CEO.”

What the team is excited about now:

“Following the acquisition of Comenta TV, Wayin is able to provide social experiences across screens and provides the ability to aggregate, curate, integrate and measure social content and data in real-time.  Its solutions make it possible for companies of all sizes to extend and derive new value from their social marketing and communication efforts.”

Want to work for one of these companies? Check out any of their open positions on our job board.

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