Built In’s Featured Companies of the Month

Is Colorado calling?

Written by Remy Merritt
Published on Aug. 03, 2021
Built In’s Featured Companies of the Month
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Cash is flowing in the Colorado tech market. And while, according to a recent Atlantic article circulating, some companies are shutting Colorado out of their remote work opportunities —likely in response to a law requiring Colorado companies to disclose salary details in job listings, with the goal of reinforcing equal pay — there is no shortage of local organizations with positions open across the board.

Whether you’re on the job hunt or just getting to know local organizations, these six companies are making an impact across industries like video surveillance solutions and e-commerce.  


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funding circle

What they do: As we learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, fast funding is critical for small businesses to stay afloat. In calmer times, receiving timely funding is just as important for security and growth. Through their machine learning platform, Funding Circle allows business owners to complete a loan application and receive a decision in a matter of minutes, enabling them to get funding quickly at an affordable rate.


Active progress: As an important liaison for small businesses, Funding Circle is actively involved in diversity and inclusion. Their 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Report measures how they performed against their goals, highlights employee resource groups, and shares concrete plans for 2021.


Burning bright, not out: With remote work blurring the lines between life and the office, Senior Sales Manager Jen Roberts previously shared with Built In Colorado how she empowers her team to stay healthy. “Burnout often happens to employees that don’t make a pointed effort to take time off, which means the first step is to encourage them to do so. Once that’s done, it’s all about future maintenance and making sure they have a plan in place to make sure overwork doesn’t happen again,” she said.


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What they do: For one flat fee, Havenly pairs customers with a team of interior designers to develop a personalized design plan from concept to home delivery. Their team takes care of the planning, purchasing and delivery, bringing feng shui to homes across the country.


Teaching future leaders: “As managers, we can become focused on gaining leverage from our employees in order to save time, and in those moments lose sight of the fact that they are always learning from us. In embodying the core values we wish to see from others, not only do we build trust and authenticity with our teammates, but we turn all touchpoints into teaching moments,” said Chief Business Officer Veronica Collins previously told Built In Colorado.


Industry accolades: Featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and more, Havenly has made a buzz across leading interior design publications.


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What they do: When business owners and their employees can’t be physically present at the workplace, video surveillance solutions can help with loss prevention and risk mitigation. Envysion provides businesses with software and video-based analytics to protect and grow their operation, through real-time data and actionable insights. 


Fall down seven times; get up eight: “The ability to bounce back and roll with change is absolutely necessary. The requirement of growing healthy customer relationships has not changed even though the environment that we operate in has been turned upside down,” Senior Customer Success Manager Amy Boswell previously told Built In Colorado. “The resilient Envysion CSM finds the path to solutions within any environment.”


Full service support: Risk management doesn’t stop at simply installing a security system. With educational resources that include case studies, webinars and training, Envysion equips customers with a full suite of tools to keep their businesses protected.


airplane taking off
Boom Supersonic

What they do: For those of us who missed the opportunity to fly supersonic on the Concorde, Boom Supersonic aims to bring back commercial transport that breaks the speed of sound. Their airliner, Overture, would get travelers to their destination twice as fast as current aviation — and with job openings from engineering to legal, they’re doubling down on growth.


Sky-high valuations: With plans to begin construction on an Overture factory in 2022 for a target rollout in 2025, Boom Supersonic has landed $210 million in funding and a valuation of more than $1 billion. 


On the front lines: When it comes to their tech stack, Lead Principal Avionics Engineering Jeff Bozarth relies on a mixture of bare-metal firmware and higher-level applications running on real-time Unix-like operating systems. “For avionics, the team’s job is to deliver the aircraft data acquisition and instrumentation, telemetry, glass cockpit display software and digital controllers such as stability augmentation, environmental control, fuel system monitoring and control,” Bozarth previously told Built In Colorado


two people walking with shopping bags

What they do: Nordstrom is a household name in retail legacy. With so much experience in scaling and optimizing the customer experience, the chain is consciously innovating to keep up with the modern shopper.


Bridging systems: With more than 100 stores and a considerable e-commerce presence to maintain, Nordstrom’s engineers follow a continuous delivery model. The engineering team relies on serverless applications with infrastructure-as-code deployed to the cloud, where they employ robust service virtualization techniques to exercise their system against simulated erratic behavior.


Stacked tall: Nordstrom’s tech stack is impressively robust, with a broad assortment of frameworks, libraries and languages. They don’t stop there — tech tools extend to product, sales and marketing departments for analytics, design and project management.


zoom call

What they do: Instead of simply discarding old equipment and parts, aftermarket sales can help companies recycle and recover asset value, benefiting the environment in the process. Documoto has built a platform for sellers to create and publish catalogs, store a library of parts in the cloud, and fulfill sales.


A path to success: For Senior Product Manager Dan Brooks, a clear product roadmap ensures success. “At Documoto, our developers conduct reviews of their work with members of our services team, who are on the front lines working with our users every day. They bring invaluable insight to decision-making into how our solutions improve our customers’ daily work. Coupling these internal reviews with hands-on knowledge transfer to early adopters helps ensure successful launches and timely feedback to incorporate in subsequent iterations,” he previously told Built In Colorado.

Bridging industries: With case studies ranging from farming equipment to the Los Angeles Metro, Documoto’s team works with a variety of industries to support their data migration, regulatory compliance and returns on investment.

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