How these 4 Colorado startups help transplants put down roots

May 18, 2017

Colorado is a state of transplants. Only about 43 percent of our residents were born here, according to government census data. And with world-class outdoor adventure, 300 days of sunshine each year and a booming tech community, it’s easy to see why so many people are eager to make Colorado home.

By and large, the Colorado tech community welcomes new residents — and their unique perspectives — with open arms. But some startups go above and beyond to make those first days, weeks and months in Colorado easier for their newest team members. We talked to four local tech companies about what they do to support new employees who are also new to the state.


As a fast-growing travel tech company, Evolve embraces transplants and travel enthusiasts alike. Last year, almost 25 percent of its new employees joined the team from out of state. Sara Orlino, director of people operations, shared how Evolve welcomes new Coloradans and helps them get settled into their new digs.

Do you offer relocation assistance?

Not currently. We are happy to help new hires with all their questions about relocation, though. We've recommended good neighborhoods to live in and where they can look to find an apartment, for example.

How do you help employees after they've moved?

Probably the best thing we do for new hires is introduce them to a great community. Our training week gives them lots of opportunities to develop friendships both in and out of work, and our out-of-state hires find themselves welcomed to post-work happy hours and weekend get-togethers with their new peers.

One of the most difficult aspects of relocation is feeling alone and adrift, and we provide them with an almost instantaneous sense of community. With monthly company-sponsored social events, it's easy for our out-of-state new hires to develop friendships right here at our offices!

Why is taking these steps important to your company?

We are excited about folks moving to Denver to be a part of a growing start-up culture. Our team is filled with talented people with all kinds of backgrounds and skills, and our hires from out of state often bring great perspective and ideas from totally different industries. Encouraging people from diverse backgrounds to come and give us the benefit of their unique perspective is an important part of the Evolve culture.

What advice do you have for people who hope to move to Colorado and are looking for work?

Come on down! I'm sure most of the advice is pretty standard for a move anywhere: Do your research and be sure you're ready for a major life change. Talking about Colorado specifically, though, I'd recommend they take a hard look at the company culture and what it has to offer them. We know lots of people come to Denver for the Colorado lifestyle, but if your company doesn't support a good work-life balance, you're not going to be able to enjoy that outdoor life as much as you'd like! Find a good culture fit, and transitioning to a new city can be easier than you think.



Trustpilot started in Denmark and has since opened offices in London, New York, Berlin, Melbourne and, yes, Denver. Over the years they’ve grown their online review community  — and their team. About one-third of their employees came from out of state before joining Trustpilot. Dan Klug, senior manager of talent acquisition, shed some light on how the company brings new Denverites into the fold.

How do you help employees after they've moved?

We have a very inclusive team in the Denver office. A majority of the people who started the office moved out here from NYC, so most people are in a similar situation moving to a new city. We have team happy hours, powder ski days, hiking trips, kickball events, etc., so there is never a shortage of activities to do with the team and make new friends.

Why is taking these steps important to your company?

Making people feel welcome is a Trustpilot value across all of our global offices, whether in Denver, NYC or our European locations, so it is incredibly important to us that new employees feel like they are part of a bigger global team. This kind of culture creates lasting relationships among employees.

We find that when our people embrace this kind of environment it shows the most in their work, as they are driven to be successful. In a startup, that is incredibly valuable to support our growth.

What advice do you have for people who hope to move to Colorado and are looking for work?

Looking for work anywhere is about making yourself stand out. Most people move to Colorado for the mountains and beautiful scenery, so keep in mind that you will not be the only person mentioning those points during your interviews. Show hiring managers why you’re unique and that will stand out in any market.



Signpost is all about building connections. The company’s cloud CRM captures prospects and then targets them with an automated marketing engine to drive more conversions. With 25 percent of employees being transplants, recruiter Meghan Harris shared Signpost’s secret to helping new-to-Colorado employees feel at home. 

How do you help employees after they've moved?

Immediate friendships!

Why is taking these steps important to your company?

We are wildly team oriented. Making sure this building is filled with like-minded people is crucial to the excitement and support we offer each other.

What advice do you have for people who hope to move to Colorado and are looking for work?

Relocation has a lot of moving parts. Lock down a move date! We have fast cycle hiring over here so without a date set, we won’t know the needs of the company and therefore won’t be able to place you in the best position suited for you!



NetApp SolidFire provides cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and storage to a global base of customers, but creating industry-leading technology doesn’t happen without assembling a hardworking, dedicated and talented team. NetApp has long recognized the value in bringing on talent from outside of Colorado. Test architect Senthil Kannan and software engineer Srey Don are among the out-of-state recruits.

How did NetApp SolidFire support you in your move to Colorado?

Kannan: NetApp SolidFire extended relocation support for my move. Coordination was extremely well planned throughout the entire process. Shipping services were also well planned and alleviated any stress that’s normally caused by moving a new family to a brand-new location.

My hiring manager was extremely supportive, friendly, comforting and empathetic of my situation. On my first day, my manager said, "Take it easy and go home. You don't need to spend the whole day here. It’s a stressful time. Go home and be with your wife."

In the office, I was provided with a buddy. The hiring manager and my team would plan lunches to show me the surrounding areas in Boulder. Every couple of weeks, we’d take walks around the area so I could get to know the different neighborhoods. Everybody is very approachable. They’re always there to help me out and are excited to do so. A technical director took time out of his day during the first month to ensure I understood what was required for my role. He took the time to ensure I would be successful — a technical director!  

Don: My manager is friendly and ensured everything was set up and ready for me on my first day. The team is also extremely helpful and gave me suggestions for the area, neighborhood and Colorado as a whole. They coordinated lunch events with the team to help me get acclimated to the area. My manager helped me understand the specific neighborhoods while I was apartment hunting. Colleagues helped me understand how public transportation works and the best routes to take for my commute and during specific times.


Photos via featured companies. Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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