3 Things Startups Need To Know Before Podcasting

Vernon Foster II
Startups know they must have a content marketing plan in place if they’re going to win. While having a company blog is essential, it’s getting harder and harder to sift through the noise. There are roughly 200,000 active podcasts on iTunes right now. When compared to the 19 million active blogs (WordPress only), it’s clear to see the advantage of staking your claim now. Podcasts also experienced 23% listenership growth between 2015 and 2016. Not to mention that 36% of the worldwide population is listening to podcasts. Needless to say, the future looks bright.
Understand why podcasting is a superior marketing channel
Customers must be engaged when consuming video or written content. But as technology has evolved and life has sped up, they have less and less time. Audio has taken the lead because we’re always on the go. According to Nielsen statistics on streaming, there was roughly 1.5x more audio consumed than video according in 2016. Smartphone adoption will also play a key role. It's estimated that there will be 6.1 Billion global smartphone users by 2020. Further evidence that audio is a superior channel for creating global brand awareness.
Stand out by creating something unique
Gimlet, Midroll, and Radiotopia have raised the bar for what listeners have come to expect. Don't shy away from leveraging your organization's unique quirkiness, insights, and valuable talent. Don’t get stuck following the lead of others in your industry. Blaze your own trail. I recently had a conversation with a colleague. She told me the story of a friend who worked at a startup that headed up the organization's podcast. She never got the creative space because leadership always looked over her shoulder. Founders must trust their team members take charge and get out of their way.
Lead with value first, sell your product or service later
Whatever you decide, please lead with value first. Listeners love free tools, tips, and real-world actionable steps. Don’t force the sale in your company's podcast. It’s not the place for that. It’s a place to build trust. A place to show your clients, customers, and community you’re invested in their success. When you’ve built trust, they’ll buy everything on the shelf. Do this right and your tribe will praise you. Get it wrong and they’ll run for the hills.
Want to learn how podcasting can boost brand awareness and build a tribe of loyal customers? Visit Pod Parrot for more insights and resources. 

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