How These Four Companies Are Changing Denver's Economy

Mike Belasco

What makes Colorado the most desirable place to live and work?

Employee focused companies continue to play a big role

Some of Colorado’s most competitive companies have come together to share what makes their workplace special and, in turn, what helps them grow while attracting and retaining the best potential talent Colorado (and the rest of the country) has to offer.  


Once again, Colorado solidified its reputation as one of the most desirable places to live, according to U.S. News & World Report. Arguably, a big reason for this honor is that Colorado companies recognize the need to draw in great talent, with more than just a salary and a 401k.

In fact, companies best at retaining employees and attracting top talent for their teams all have one thing in common: They work tirelessly to create a company culture that sets them apart from others in the same industries.

POSSIBLE Mobile: Located in Denver, CO

POSSIBLE Mobile creates apps for some of the most notable names in several industries: Turner Sports, JetBlue, MLS, Hasbro, PGA TOUR, Better Homes and Gardens just to name a few. It is a challenging, fun and energetic work environment.

“One of the reasons I liked working in consulting was the variety of projects I was able to work on.  The experience is valuable as you learn about many different kinds of businesses. This is also the reason a lot of our team members choose to be here, lot’s of opportunity for growth,” said Ben Reubenstein, CEO of POSSIBLE Mobile.

{POSSIBLE Mobile’s Denver team curling at Denver’s Curling Club for their fall quarterly meeting. Each quarter POSSIBLE Mobile celebrates with team activities such as ping-pong, golf, curling, and bowling.}


Major perks include: Downtown Denver headquarters, parking and/or light rail passes included, awesome office with foosball, original NES, rock band, darts, old-school game room, fully stocked kitchens, ping pong and beer on tap.


Each employee is given a stipend to attend conferences and events. Even the company’s approach to recruiting is cool and different, as it has a speed dating style Preview Night, where prospective interns and employees visit the office, meet the team and learn about the company in a relaxed atmosphere over pizza.


POSSIBLE Mobile’s company chat is full of memes, and the leadership team's doors (if they have offices) are always open. Another cool fact, POSSIBLE Mobile has a really good female-to-male developer ratio, a huge topic for the tech industry.


“I moved here from San Francisco, and in my opinion, POSSIBLE Mobile has all of the technical excellence, perks and top minds of a Bay Area startup but with a work-life balance that can only be found in Colorado.” said Laura Hamel, Business Growth Strategist at POSSIBLE Mobile.

Inflow: Denver, CO

Inflow is an eCommerce marketing agency dedicated to providing exceptional SEO, PPC/paid social, conversion optimization and Inbound Marketing to eCommerce brands.


“‘Work hard, play hard: Strive for 212 degrees with everything’ is one of our core company values,” said Mike Belasco, CEO of Inflow. “At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. With boiling water comes steam. Steam can power a locomotive. That one extra degree makes all the difference.”


{Mike Belasco and team as featured in the Denver Business Journal. Photo by Kathleen Levine.}


From creating the office’s abstract artwork and the Photo Mashup Hall of Fame, to a variety of harmless pranks regularly pulled on one another, employee creativity and humor are encouraged in Inflow's hyper-analytical environment.

Inflow has been recognized as The Best and Brightest in Wellness for the past two years due to health and wellness initiatives like a stair step challenge, yoga, a meditation room, guest speakers for mindfulness and more.


“Inflow is unique because we have leadership that truly listens to the employees,” said Delia Valdez, office coordinator at Inflow.  “We’ve requested everything from standing desk to coloring books and if Mike thinks that it will help the team be better engaged, he makes sure we get it.”

Inflow has also integrated RoundPegg culture and engagement surveys, and 15Five weekly reporting to managers, in its environment to make it an even more desirable place to work.


Major perks include: Paid parking in Uptown Denver, Rockies games, 401k contributions, profit sharing, a monthly board game night, a chili cook-off and more. Inflow is always focused on office happiness (what do employees want at work) and culture initiatives. Part of the company’s profit is earmarked for the “Office Happiness Project” where the team votes on how to spend the budget.

With perks like this, it’s no wonder Inflow has been one of Denver’s fastest growing companies for 5 years straight, and debuted recently at 2386 on the Inc. 5,000 list.


Inspirato: Denver, CO

As the largest and most innovative travel company in Denver, Inspirato has been known from the get-go for its innovative and interesting employee perks, from Inspirato Cafe to Friday Afternoon Club to the annual free, week-long vacation at an Inspirato residence (this is no small deal since Inspirato’s residences average $3.4 million in value and 4,000 square feet in size in highly coveted destinations all over the world).

Earlier this year, Inspirato announced they’d also have one of the most innovative vacation policies. The company recently stated that all full-time, regular employees have an unlimited vacation policy. In addition, the company has added four weeks of paid leave for moms and two weeks for dads.

“We believe this it is essential for employees to experience Inspirato as our members do,” said David Kallery, President of Inspirato. “Our corporate culture believes that trust, collaboration and accountability are keys to our success. This policy empowers our company leaders and employees to work together to manage their time off directly, which we believe ensures the best results for the individual, the team and the company. We have always strongly encouraged everyone to take at least two weeks of time off every calendar year – we are a vacation company, after all – and want to practice what we preach.”

{Inspirato all employee meeting!}


Inspirato is always looking for top talent. The company is considered one of the top places to work with one of the coolest offices in Denver.


Major perks include: the fully stocked Inspirato Cafe, Friday Afternoon Club an annual free, week-long vacation at an Inspirato residence (this is no small deal since Inspirato’s residences average $3.4 million in value and 4,000 square feet in size in highly coveted destinations all over the world) and a great vacation and maternity/paternity leave policy.


"Inspirato is an incredible place, definitely one of the best places to work not only in Denver, but in all of Colorado,” said Kallery. “We’re developing great technologies, we have great employees that work hard together but also play hard together and give back to the community as a team. For us, it’s truly all about the culture and the people–that’s the foundation of what we’re building at Inspirato.”


GoSpotCheck: Denver, CO  

GoSpotCheck's Web and mobile apps automate the structuring and reporting of field data, enabling companies to make better decisions faster. Say goodbye to inconsistent spreadsheets, emails and documents from the field and say hello to unified data collection, reporting and analytics.

As a people-first company, GoSpotCheck founders believe that a happy and energized workforce is the key to building innovative software solutions for its customers. Its founders make a point to ensure employees take care of themselves and their families first, with their jobs coming second. The result is a dynamic and supportive workplace culture that sees very little employee turnover. GoSpotCheck also won the Denver Business Journal’s 2016 Best Place to Work award in the large company category.


“One of our values at GoSpotCheck is communication. Every Monday, the entire company meets or goes to dinner to discuss recent company happenings and to distribute employee “kudos.” Every team also has a meeting every Friday to go over what went well and what didn’t go well from projects over the past week. These get-togethers foster a healthy mindset and empower our employees to embody another one of our core values, which is to have fun, stay sane and take care,”  Matt Talbot, CEO and cofounder of GoSpotCheck


GoSoptCheck’s most important values include:

• Do great work – the foundational value. Mediocrity has no place here. Details matter.

• Focus on what’s important – don’t let the urgent trump the harder, more important problems.

• Communicate – frequently, openly and honestly.

• Own it – employees should take responsibility for all they do and admit to mistakes.

• Go to bed smarter – thrive and grow based on how much everyone learns.

• Have fun, stay sane, take care – as a team. GoSpotCheck has chosen to make itself the best place to work.

Major perks include: Unlimited PTO, fully-paid health benefits for families, gym memberships, paid parking and weekly catered breakfasts are just a few to prove GoSpotCheck’s commitment to making their employee’s lives great.

{The GoSpotChek Team}

“Our weekly meetings are just a preview to our annual retreats in which the entire team packs up for a 2-3 day trip, typically to the mountains, to celebrate the previous year, spend quality time together, and look forward to the year ahead. These retreats consist of theme parties, mountain adventures and our beloved “fireside chat” where one of our founders, Matt Talbot, shares the origin story of GoSpotCheck and our vision for the future.” – Erin Hallows, Manager of People and Culture, GoSpotCheck

Statistically, employees that feel satisfied and involved are more likely to stay with a company for three years or more, according to Gallup report published in Nov. 2015.

All of these companies, while vastly different in the products and services they provide, are making a point to put their culture first, so they have employees who are engaged and happy.


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