Julianne Tveten

Julianne Tveten

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I study RoR and write about tech. My greatest area of interest is ethics and social/civic initiatives in the tech industry.


Women in tech




Ryan Gudmundson
CEO | Mindstrand Technologies LLC
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Julianne Tveten
Can tech companies act preemptively in the name of public safety? In the wake of such troubling issues as the recent Uber rape case in Delhi, India, the answer seems complicated at best. Julie Markham, however, is inclined to say yes.
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Julianne Tveten
During Myles Bailey’s eight-year tenure as a bartender, he and his coworkers would visit the same local bars and restaurants before and after work. Eventually, due both to their loyalty and to their empathetic positions as fellow-servers, they developed a relationship with employees at the...
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Julianne Tveten
Generally speaking, there’s no clear path for people looking to make a living as musicians. With fluctuating pay rates and gig frequency, the field is notorious for being nothing short of grueling. For those in the Denver area, though, Brandon Whalen hopes to make the process of finding work a...
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Julianne Tveten
When Gage Bachik was growing up, him and his friends would host video-game tournaments, tracking their progress with pen and paper. It was a comparatively slow process, but it was their only option.To many gamers' chagrin, according to Bachik, not much has changed – but that doesn’t have to be the...
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Julianne Tveten
Boulder-based Techstars has closed a $150 million fund to foster the growth of its newest investment vehicle, Techstars Ventures 2014.The fund, which marks the firm's third installment of financing, will allow it to invest in a network of companies at seed and Series A stages. This network...
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