New Tech Denver

February 16, 2017

Tech, tech and more tech, but this time in Denver. We've added an optional donation, this money will help fund New Tech as well as other startup activities in the area. Thank you.

If you build software for any platform (web, desktop, SAS, Andorid, etc…) or offer services to the New Tech community (design, development, marketing, real estate, head hunting) add your company to the New Tech Map. <a></a&gt;

Tonight's lineup: 


Presenter: Kyle Morrison (Tribe Leader)

Description: Cyphr is a mobile app that allows you to receive time-sensitive “Secrets” from awesome local businesses you unlock. A “Secret” is an incentive or deal that is only viewable for 12-hours. If you view the Secret during that 12-hour window, you can save it to your Vault to use before the expiration date. Local businesses love the platform as well. Cyphr inspires loyalty to the local business, NOT to the deal! There are no contracts, no minimum usage fees, and no commissions. Local businesses get to choose when to send Secrets, the age and gender of users they want to receive their Secret (of users who have already unlocked their business), and how long until their Secret expires. We believe local businesses are the backbone of this great country. Let’s make local businesses great again. #LongLiveLocal 


Presenters: Rachael Shayne (CEO) and Mark Healey (CTO)

Description: Cubspot is a SaaS marketplace for parents and activity providers. It's a one-stop-shop to discover, enroll in and manage camps, lessons, tutors and activities for kids K-12 turning a wildly inefficient process that currently wastes 1 Billion hours—per year—for the 34M parents sending their 61M kids to enrichment programs tallying up to a $52B market. Cubspot unifies the experience for both parents and providers becoming the personal assistant they need. Providers list their programs in a UX-forward web app opening up a new channel for acquisition and conversion. Parents join Cubspot, set their families up, and have full access to the marketplace, booking, reviews, calendar integration, readiness reminders, discount enrollment reminders, and activity management. The product is live and we’ve captured 80% of the provider market in Boulder County already.


Presenter: Aaron Williams (Co-Founder)

Description: MatchNest is an online marketplace for homeowners seeking home improvement professionals.  Our platform allows homeowners to quickly collect competitive bids in a novel online process.  MatchNest builds an estimate for the homeowner and invites contractors to bid against it, turning the homeowner's project into an online auction.  We are currently operating in two markets; Denver, CO and Dallas, TX, and preparing to scale into new markets in 2017.


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Your hosts:

Robert Reich, Aiko Cheslin, and Roger Toennis 

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