Feb Boulder iOS Meetup

February 28, 2017

Reverse Engineering Dynamic Libraries In this meetup, Derek will talk about dynamic libraries and how to explore them. He will first explore public frameworks, like UIKit, and how to pull out the private APIs in those frameworks. From there, he will discuss how to explore the private frameworks Apple ships on your iOS device. Time permitting, he will also talk about XPC, method swizzling, as well as making tweaks to a program's logic on the Simulator. This will be a fun, developer centric talk and you are strongly encouraged to bring your computer and iOS device to follow along. Watch this space for potential sample projects to be posted for this meetup.

Derek is an iOS developer who occasionally writes/talks for the raywenderlich.com team. He's a big fan of LLDB and using it to explore code he doesn't always have the source for.

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