You're covered: 5 Colorado startups with 100%-paid insurance premiums

Jess Ryan

Among the many, many fun things about being An Adult™ is having to deal with figuring out health insurance — not to mention paying for it. Fortunately, many companies offer significant subsidies on health insurance premiums. These five Colorado companies take it even further, covering premiums 100 percent.


Ibotta fully covers medical, dental and vision premiums for their employees. The Denver company, whose app helps shoppers save money through cash-back rebates, also offers company-sponsored breakfasts on Friday and an on-site gym so you’ll be happy and healthy.


MOO takes care of health, dental and vision premiums at 100 percent after 90 days. At the digital printing and e-commerce company, other perks include 33 paid days off per year and a 401(k) match up to five percent.


RingCentral pays full subsidies on health, dental and vision from day one. As a cloud communications company, RingCentral also offers uncapped commissions for sales employees and an employee stock purchase plan.


The tourism scheduling software startup FareHarbor pays for medical and dental premiums. Other perks include phone reimbursement and a centrally-located office in Denver, just a block away from Trader Joe’s.


In addition to helping students from all walks of life learn to code, Turing School of Software and Design also pays their employees’ entire medical, dental and vision premiums, plus 50 percent of coverage for family members.


Photos via featured companies and social media.

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